Ri5 profile: Debbie Scott

Ri5 profile: Debbie Scott

Debbie Scott is head of insight and strategy at UCAS Media, stepping into the post from her previous role as head of education marketing and advertising. A proud Essex girl, keep an eye out for her on the slopes this ski season - not least because you won't find any spiders up there...

How did you first get into your current sector?

I started working at UCAS as a temp over Clearing, after I completed my degree in psychology - with the intention that it would be a short summer job. I was fascinated by people and the mind, enjoyed research and report writing and now working in market insight via a long stint in sales and marketing, I’m able bring together all these experiences which is fantastic.

Accident or design?

A bit of both, like most decisions.

Would you do the same again? 

Probably. I’ve been really lucky with my career so far, there have been lots of great opportunities - my biggest highlight was taking a tour of universities and colleges in New Zealand as part of the Association of University Administrators.

Top professional influence? 

I love what Graham Brown at Mobile Marketing and Luke Mitchell at Voxburner have done. I am also a big fan of Jack Constantine at Lush and my previous boss, Jo Redfern is a huge mentor for women in business. 

Favourite industry colleagues and why?  

Kelly Yip at Havas and Penny Eccles at the University of Gloucestershire, who are both passionate about their respective areas of expertise. I’m also really lucky to work with a great bunch of people. 

Favourite recruitment ad?

I really like Arts University Bournemouth’s ‘K-scape’; it’s really interesting and creative. I also really like ‘Meet the world’ at SOAS for great imagery and message plus the transparency of the campaign and intentions.  

Favourite non-recruitment ad?

Night Driving – a VW Golf advert by DBB London. Absolutely mind-numbingly beautiful. The imagery is of the safety and freedom of driving around in a Golf at night for no reason other than the drive itself. It demonstrates that an advert can be enchanting and beautiful as well as getting the key message across. Six years later it still receives considerable hits on YouTube. Genius!

Which guests would you invite to your ideal dinner party? 

Julian Barrett, Noel Fielding, Margaret Meade, Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Joanna Lumley, David Attenborough, Charlie Brooker.

Something or someone for Room 101? 

My arachnophobia! I was going to say spiders but perhaps that is a little unfair to our hardworking arachnid brethren.

Most looking forward to?  

My overdue lottery win.  

Fondest memory? 

Too many! After a lot of reflection I really can’t pick just one but it was hugely enjoyable trying.

Holiday – sun/sea, ski, safari, or culture?

Ski – definitely not snowboarding, which was painful both physically and emotionally!

Three words to describe yourself? 

Hardworking, quirky, endearing.

Best/worst habit? 

Best habit is commitment; I am very determined to a cause. Worst habit is picking my fingernails. A terrible habit but I can’t stop.

What single fact would surprise people the most about you?  

Well for new people I meet the fact that I am a proud Essex girl. Years living in Gloucestershire have somewhat diminished the Estuary twang.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

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