Ri5 Profile: Ali Hackett

Ri5 Profile: Ali Hackett


We’re delighted to introduce you to Ali Hackett. If you haven’t already met her she’s a co-founder of Meet and Engage, the award-winning real-time chat technology company. 

How did you first get into the industry?

My first proper industry job was with John and Shirley Bartlett, at Bartlett Advertising. I like to think it was the equivalent of a finishing school! All very proper. I saw an ad in the Guardian and moved from Leicester to London to work.

Would you do the same again?

Absolutely. I loved the job, met some great folk and soaked up so much. The fabulous thing about recruitment marketing is becoming an expert on so many different sectors. You can be professionally nosey.

What would you do if you didn’t do this?

I’d like to have an allotment, grow veg and then use my veg to make hearty meals.

Who are your favourite people from the industry?

Sooooo many. My business partner Graham and my colleagues (we only recruit cracking folk). But also rec tech folk like Kirstie Kelly, Nick Shekerdamian and friends / supporters like Kate Llewellyn-Cripps, Charu Malhorta and Nick Thompson. I can think of loads more but should probably stop there!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received in your career?

Always be kind.

And what piece of advice would you give somebody starting out in the sector?

Be keen, get stuck in, try your best.

You’re entertaining industry contacts. Where do you take them, and why?

I really like the Holborn Deli at the Rosewood Hotel, it’s elegant and a bit sassy.

What are you reading at the moment?

Heartstone by C.J Sansom (again). My favourite book ever is Jane Eyre.

And what are you listening to?

I listened to the Black Light album by Groove Armada yesterday for the first time in years. Still love it.

Which five guests would you invite to your ideal dinner party?

I would go for women only and have 1) Elizabeth I 2) Michelle Obama 3) Joanna Lumley 4) My Mum 5) My daughter Claudia

What are your top three films?

School of Rock as I watched this loads with my kids when they were small. Pretty Woman as blast from the past. I also really enjoyed Invictus.

Something or someone for Room 101?


What items do you never leave home without?

Lip salve.

What’s your biggest achievement – career or otherwise?

Having two fab kids and setting up a business I totally believe in.

Who’s your biggest hero, and why?

My Mum. She’s one of the kindest and strongest people I have ever met and I am proud to be her daughter.

What is your ideal holiday?


Three words to describe yourself?

Smiley, pacey, strong.

Your best and worst habits?

Best habit is being super-organised and worst would be beating myself up when I can’t do everything.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Chips. Lots of chips. And mayo and ketchup. And wine.

What has been your worst/most boring job you’ve ever had?

Working in the first ever Dunelm shop as a Saturday girl. I used to have to go to the top floor of the warehouse in a dreadful old lift to fetch new stock. The building was really run down and pigeons used to get in and fly around the stockroom. I have a bird phobia. It was hideous.

What single fact would surprise people the most about you?

I can run quite fast.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018

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Dave Amos Date: Jan 12, 2018

An exemplar of how, by working hard, being creative and treating people well (clients, colleagues and suppliers) a bright, curious person can do some great work, build lasting relationships whilst still remaining relevant and successful in an ever changing industry.

Kevin Turner Date: Jan 12, 2018

John & Shirley Bartlett - I don't believe it, surely not?!

Ali Hackett Date: Jan 12, 2018

Thanks for those kind words Dave :) Hope all is good with you and yours. Kevin - John and Shirley - what characters! Typing up public notices, running artwork round to the Guardian - those were the days!