Ri5 Fantasy Football 2018/19

Ri5 Fantasy Football 2018/19


Like the sun rising in the East, Dominic Sumners wins the Ri5 Fantasy Football League. This year Dom’s ‘OMChimps’ clinched the title by just two points, having had a relatively poor final game week of the season.

‘OMChimps’ scored just 33 points in GW38, less than half the points of second placed ‘Club Tropicana’ (Joseph Fuller) but it was enough to clinch the title again. A further 11 points behind in third place was Ben Morrison’s ‘Straight Outta Brizz’ and making up the top four: Ben Read’s ‘Benny’s Boys’.

Ri5’s sole participant in the league this season; Spike Turner, would rather it not be mentioned that ‘who got the assist?’ failed to even make the top twenty, so we won’t talk about that. At this point we’d normally talk about the other end of the table, but it would seem that when the bottom team includes a player that was injured in October and hasn’t played a part since, it may be unfair to suggest that the team manager has been taking an active interest.

Thank you to all 86 participants for taking part and the league will start again in August.


Tuesday, 14 May 2019

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