Ri5 apprenticeships special

Ri5 apprenticeships special


Since the Government applied the Apprenticeship Levy last April, we’ve reported on the issues from a number of angles. Indeed, in the first 6 months of the Levy, the figures indicated that numbers of Apprenticeships decreased. While some have speculated that the Levy isn’t structured in the most appropriate or encouraging way, and with employers reporting that they don’t know about or understand its implications or potential, others are advising caution, warning the real, long term effects will take time to percolate. Indeed, the Government’s aim was to create 3 million Apprenticeships by 2020 - which still seems like a bit of a stretch.

But what’s happening right now, in the real world of apprenticeships?

Here’s a quick snap shot of what some of the big players are offering in 2018.

BMW launches 2018 UK manufacturing apprenticeships

Designed for young people who want to break into the automotive industry early, BMW Group UK’s manufacturing operations are offering 60 places in 2018. These apprenticeships are available across 3 locations: Oxford; Swindon and Hams Hall, and offer routes into career paths that include engineering, maintenance, logistics, IT and business.

The MINI Plant in Oxford is the heart and home of MINI production, Swindon produces pressings and sub-assemblies for both MINI and BMW and Hams Hall manufactures engines for both MINI and BMW.

BMW already have more than 150 apprentices working across these sites and the company says that some of their most senior and experienced people started out as apprentices.

Most BMW apprenticeships take 3-4 years and lead to a level 3 competency qualification while some can progress to degree level. Technical apprentices in Oxford attend MINI’s bespoke training school with modern classrooms, dedicated computer study areas and full-equipped workshop.

KPMG launches brand new Digital Degree Apprenticeship Programme

KPMG has launched KPMG360° Digital to provide training and guidance to the next generation of tech experts.

This 4 year programme combines on-the-job work experience, a salary and the opportunity to gain a BSc degree from BPP University in Digital and Technology Solutions. Tuition fees are fully funded by KPMG and candidates are encouraged to work towards a permanent role.  

The 27 available places are based in London, Manchester and Leeds and apprentices will embark on a number of placements areas such as technology solutions, cyber security and forensic services. Apprentices will be given the opportunity to master new technologies such as cloud, data analytics and AI, guided and supported by KPMG’s existing experts.

The scheme is designed to help meet KPMG’s fresh emphasis on adapting and evolving in line with technology to consistently maintain best service provision.

Technical learning is supplemented with learning and development opportunities geared towards both personal and professional growth.

EY transforming Graduate Scheme in 2018 by offering Apprenticeships

In 2018, EY are giving eligible graduates, both existing students and new joiners, the opportunity to work towards a government-accredited apprenticeship in tandem with their accountancy qualifications.

In order to better prepare students with the skills and experience needed for the workplace of the future, EY are offering students the chance to achieve both a professional qualification and an apprenticeship accreditation. By the end of 2018, they estimate around 1,000 of their graduates will have completed a level 7 apprenticeship –equivalent to a master’s degree.

EY says it is supportive of the Government’s aim of creating 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020 and understands its responsibility as a significant employer to train the next generation of business leaders.

BAE Systems teams up with Cranfield to offer new Masters engineering apprenticeship

This new scheme, a first in the UK, started in January with an intake of 76 BAE Systems Engineers.

Offered in conjunction with Cranfield University, apprentices will work on modules including cost engineering and operations management to achieve a level 7 apprenticeship qualification and a Master’s degree. All teaching modules are taken online, enabling postgraduate apprentices to work full time and learn new engineering skills on the job.

Completed apprenticeships result in a Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering Competence, a major stepping stone towards gaining Chartered Engineering accreditation.

BAE already offer a range of apprenticeships across a range of disciplines. Last year, the firm took on 600 new apprentices and has around 650 apprenticeship places on offer in 2018.

Co-op Insurance takes on 25 new apprentices in 2018

Co-op Insurance has taken on 25 apprentices to earn qualifications in customer service, insurance and actuarial science, and look forward to a full-time position on successful completion.

Apprentices report that they are attracted by the opportunity to earn money while earning a qualification and exploring the range of career paths available at the insurer.  

Salaries offered by the Co-op are above national apprenticeship wage and are offered alongside training in money management and the opportunity to join the management development programme.

The Co-op sees the scheme as an opportunity for young people to get a foot on the career ladder and obtain the skills they need to embark on a successful career in finance.

Tower Hamlets council creates 100 apprenticeships in 6 weeks

Launched by the Mayor last November, Tower Hamlets ‘Apprenticeship Commitment’ has already created 100 new apprenticeships in London’s East End.

The council expects 1,000 people to ultimately benefit from the initiative over the next 3 years, tapping into the opportunities that come with east London’s current expansion and economic growth. 150 businesses have already committed to create openings and training programmes for jobseekers.

Already, 6 apprenticeships have been filled at the Berkeley Construction Group, where young people are already learning skills at Canary Wharf’s South Quay Plaza and Whitechapel’s Goodman’s field scheme.

The scheme will continue to create a fresh source of skilled labour for companies who are finding large skills gaps in what should be a trained-up workforce. Companies also appreciate the opportunity to give back to the communities in which they operate. The Berkeley Group also say they feel it is important to support apprentices to find their feet, and to balance college work with what can be a physically demanding job.


Tuesday, 30 January 2018

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