Ri High Fiver goes to Hodes for Herts Constabulary (again)

The Ri High Fiver award for 2009 - the annual pick of all the monthly Ri Fiver winners - has gone to Bernard Hodes, for their work for Herts Constabulary, for the second year in succession, underscoring the importance of a great ongoing client relationship in terms of delivering truly creative work.

Ri5's latest "night of nights" took place on Monday 1st February in the Riverside Room at the Savoy Place HQ of the Ri Fivers' 2009 sponsor, the Institution of Engineering and Technology.

The evening kicked off with the presentation of the last tranche of Ri Fiver awards for 2009.  In his opening remarks, Ri5 editor and co-founder Bob Anthony noted that, although an article posted on Ri5 that very day had alluded to ‘the death of conventional recruitment advertising', the quality of work on display (i.e. all the shortlisted items) provided ample proof that creative recruitment communications was still very much alive and kicking.

The last four months of 2009 had actually generated five winners, since the September competition had resulted in the Ri Fivers' first-ever dead heat.  The joint winners for that month were Euro RSCG Riley for George (award collected by Phil Welch and Alice Chan) and Tribal for Kingston Hospital (collected by Mark Wilson).  Stephen Dix of Bernard Hodes picked up the October award for KPMG, Craig Robinson of TMP Worldwide took the November prize for GCHQ, and Jo de Mornay Davies of Tribal received the December trophy - the agency's fifth Ri Fiver of the year - for Greater Manchester Hospital.

Then it was on to the evening's main event - the ‘live' judging of the 2009 Ri High Fiver by a panel of the industry's leading creatives.  And while five different monthly winners gained some level of support, the final results were clear-cut.  In fourth-equal place came Bernard Hodes (KPMG) and TMP Worldwide (GCHQ), while Tribal (Kingston Hospital) and Bernard Hodes (Herts Constabulary) were joint runners-up.

The top prize, the 2009 Ri High Fiver, went to Bernard Hodes for yet another Herts Constabulary campaign - the famous online smash-and-grab which took the March Ri Fiver award - and was presented to Andy Rigden.  Several judges commented on the work's attention-grabbing qualities and great use of media, while one was moved to describe it as "outstanding genius in the depths of the toughest year this branch of advertising has experienced."

Congratulations go to Hodes for achieving no less than three places in this year's top five, and for reprising their success in last year's competition.  But there was also a strong consensus view that the standard of work competing for the top prize was of an impressively high standard, so credit to all the agencies who took part.

Next up was the IET prize for best engineering and technology ad, presented by IET chief executive Nigel Fine.  Nigel began by noting that, with rapid changes in technology, engineers will be needed more and more to help bring the economy back up to standard - hence the importance of good creative recruitment in the sector.  He added that judging the engineering and technology category had been the most interesting hour he'd spent in the seven months since becoming chief executive.  Revealing the results in traditional reverse order, he announced TMP (MI5) and McQueen (Babcock) as the runners-up, with the award going to TMP Worldwide for their GCHQ Xbox campaign (which had earlier claimed the Ri Fiver for November).

With the formalities over, the focus switched to the excellent refreshments provided by Andy Dingley and his IET team, with special thanks going to Emma Houlihan for her outstanding organising skills.  The event was also filmed for Ri5 by Casual Films, and a clip will be made available on the site in due course.

To check out all of last year's (and previous) Ri Fiver winners, click here.






















Tuesday, 2 February 2010

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doneuplikeakipper Date: Feb 3, 2010

nice idea, but an arrest warrant should be issued for the shoddy execution.

Robert Anthony Date: Feb 3, 2010

Have to disagree with doneup, and hesitated about posting the comment anonymously. However, in the interests of getting a debate going ...

Mark Owen Date: Feb 5, 2010

Congratulations to Andy and all at Hodes. A well-deserved win. And a wee pat on the back to Martin Flavin and myself for spotting a winner all those months ago.

Martin Flavin Date: Feb 5, 2010

Yes! So technically we won as well Mark. Brilliant! All those years of hard graft have finally paid off. I'm off out to celebrate.

Phil Woodford Date: Feb 7, 2010

As one of the judges, I really did feel spoilt for choice on this occasion. Although I personally plumped for another contender, I think the Hodes/Herts Constabulary work is a worthy winner.

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