Ri Fiver: the October winner

Ri Fiver: the October winner

Our judges for the October Ri Fiver were freelance writer Richard Marsden and ThirtyThree art director George Barker-Wyatt.  They were looking for creative brilliance and, once we had disqualified the bird photography entry, the search began in earnest.

"Where on earth do brilliant ideas come from? Ignoring the fact that we only received a few legitimate entries and that ‘brilliant' might be a touch optimistic, this was the question we set out to answer, or rather the set-up for a slightly contrived travel theme, in this month's Ri Fivers.

We begin in tropical Trinidad, where a bird photography competition and a logo design for an IT consultancy are evidently the apotheosis of recruitment communications creativity. Bob disagreed and both entries were told where to(ba)go.


(To the agency that sent them in, we'd just like to say that we thought they were both excellent pieces of work and that if we had been allowed to judge them, they were clear winners. We can only hope you don't allow Ri5's nitpicking officialdom to cloud your judgement should you ever be on the lookout for creatives to join you out there. Ahem.)

Leaving the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean, we travel next to Ireland and Michael Flatley's stampity-stamp horror show Feet of Flames, perhaps the inspiration for a slightly down-at-heel ad for HR Managers at Makro.


‘Here, you won't be a stranger on the shop floor,' claims the slightly awkward headline. We don't doubt it for a second. You'll be known on the shop floor as "that woman from HR with her shoes on fire" by the looks of things. And what shoes! Cheap, worn-out, tatty, past it - not necessarily the associations you want with your new job.

From here, we riverdance all the way down the Liffey and out to sea, where we find Blandford Sub Aqua scouring the South West's coastal waters for scuba-mad Sales Managers. They're after ‘humaphibians'; die-hard, hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool diving enthusiasts, like Terry. Trouble is, Terry doesn't look very enthusiastic. Terry looks suicidal. And no wonder. Apparently his colleagues call him a prune and force him to wear a scalding hot facemask. Poor old Terry. We wouldn't want to find ourselves in his flippers.

Finally, we're off to sunny sunny Spain for our winner - KPMG's genuinely funny Milkround MPU. Alright, so the line came in with the Phoenicians, but this is by far the best execution of it either of us has seen: well acted, well produced and refreshingly cheeky for one of the Big Four. We can only wonder why Hodes didn't cast their resident Spaniard before shrugging our shoulders and handing over Las Cinco Libras anyway.

Right, we're off to celebrate by chucking a goat off a bell tower. Olé!"

Our thanks to Richard and George, and congratulations to Bernard Hodes and KPMG, who win the October Ri Fiver. Commiserations and thanks to Wave (Blandford Sub Aqua), Feather Brooksbank (Makro) and everyone else who entered. Closing date for entries for the November Ri Fiver will be midnight on Monday, 1st December, 2009. Again, two distinguished figures from the creative world have agreed to judge: Mark Horley, creative director at Work, and Chris Bann, copywriter at Penna TCS will be doing the honours.  Entries please to awards@ri5.co.uk - it's free and simple to enter - click here for details.

And finally, a message from our sponsors:
The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Europe's largest engineering body, is proud to be the sponsor of the Ri Fivers and the IET Prize 2009 - recognising true excellence in recruitment communication.

IET Recruitment Media provides online, print and sponsorship talent solutions for recruiters in engineering and technology.

The IET publishes three key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology, IET Student and Young Professional Magazine and IET Engineering & Technology Career Guide along with the IET hosted job board Engineering & Technology Jobs (www.theiet.org/jobs). IET Recruitment Media also offer recruiters sponsorship opportunities for The Young Women Engineer of the Year Award as well as the IET Ambition and Achievement Awards. Contact: +44 (0)1438 767228; recruitadvertising@theiet.org

Saturday, 31 October 2009

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Anonymous Date: Nov 17, 2009

Congratulations to Richard Marsden and George Wyatt for entering the RiFiver Hall of Shame. What is it with people like this? They get asked to be 'judges' so that their skills, talent, experience and understanding for our industry can be put to good use and actually constructively critique entered artwork. Perhaps suggesting ways of improvement or sharing a bit of knowledge so that lessons may be learnt. But no, instead we have a couple of gents who have obviously got a bit over excited and self important at the prospect of being the 'Simon Cowell of advertising' for a day.' Seriously what happened guys. Did you think that you were asked to judge, so you could lay down your egotistic rapier wit, or to help and guide. Thank god you are not teaching or training or even judging anything of real importance. It really isn't a surprise that the RiFivers are seeing fewer and fewer entries each month. Be ashamed. Be very ashamed.

Martin Flavin Date: Nov 18, 2009

RiFivers have always been a bit like that. Sometimes judges are pretty mean, and sometimes it's unnecessary. We managed to get a piece of work slagged off last year that still won! A first for us. I do think you're taking it a bit personally though, maybe you're one of the runners-up? If you put something into the Ri Fivers, it's a risk you take. They're free to enter, good PR for the most part and show what everyone's up to, so on balance a good thing.

Anonymous Date: Nov 18, 2009

genius. a new high in the absurdity of the posts on here.. Mr angry of tunbridge be proud. be very proud.

Mike Tamlyn Date: Nov 18, 2009

Well said Mr Flav, and I remember the piece you are on about going ahead and winning a CIPD and a RAD. So even though the judging can get a tad evil on the Fivers, stick with it. We were runners up this month with 'suicidal' Terry, but we're happy to be here and get a mention. So Anon, don't take it to heart, yes it is a shame that advice isn't given but they wouldn't want to be helping the competition now would they.

Richard Marsden Date: Nov 19, 2009

Hmm. Well, there you go. Now, I haven't spoken to George BARKER-Wyatt about our number one fan, so this is just me; but rest assured, Superfan, I'm not ashamed in the slightest. In fact I stand by every word written above. That's why I had the good grace to put my name to *my* self-important rhubarb. I'm not going to address the contents of your post, because I don't think stroppy, ad hominem flapdoodle really merits a substantive response. There are two points I will make, however. 1) You really don't have to look too hard to see the critique above. There are very good reasons why George and I thought the Makro and BSA ads didn't work and they're right there for all to see. However, I also stylised what I wrote because, well, you know, in a funny sort of way, that's kind of my job. Perhaps you like your copy a bit more dull. Potayto potahto. 2) It's really rather a shame that you've posted anonymously. If you are from one of the agencies involved, it looks like a cut and dried case of sour grapes (never attractive). Even if you're not, I'll bet I'm not the only person who thinks you are, which drags the agencies' names through the mud unnecessarily. Worse still, if you are a disinterested commentator who'd actually had the stones to post under your own name, there might have been something a little bit noble in your airing a grievance on others' behalf. But you didn't. So there isn't. Hey ho.

Martin Flavin Date: Nov 19, 2009

Flapdoodle. I want to use this word every day forever.

Lee Branch Date: Nov 20, 2009

A big +1 for Richard Marsden. I think Mr Anonymous needs a Crunchie.

Benn Nunn Date: Nov 20, 2009

Brave post Mr Anonymous - always the best way to be controversial. For what it's worth, I'm with Richard on this. This site has always been fun./cutting and at the same time respectful of the work entered. We are asking for the judges opinion - and that's what we get. We don't always agree with it, but that's life. Very bold of you to get quite randomly angry and then post anonymously. It's much better to at least see some sort of feedback than just a list of winners and no opinion. Good on ya rifiver - long may you continue to court controversy.

Noel Thomas Date: Nov 20, 2009

I can see no problem with the way this months Fiver was judged, bar the choice of winner (shame on you guys. It's as bad as student condom idea :-) Good work should be told it's good, and bad work should be told it's bad - this is a competition after all. To reward mediocre work, would surely undermine the whole concept of the rifiver and damage the reputation of the judges (though I've still not forgiven the groan-inducing winner ;-) It would also give clients a false impression of what good work is, and that can only be detrimental to our whole industry. On another note, and one that gets right up my oversized nose, anonymous posting. If you have something to say, stand up and be counted. If you're too embarrassed to put your name to a comment, then perhaps you shouldn't be making it in the first place. I'm still not sure why Bob hasn't put a stop to it...

Oscar Armelles Date: Nov 20, 2009


Fiona Halkyard Date: Nov 20, 2009

Just to point out that Mr Anonymous was not from Feather Brooksbank!

adam lach-szyrma Date: Nov 20, 2009

Chcę poznać interesującą kobietę