Ri Fiver July: judgement twitter-style

Chris Bennett of DNA and Justin Ballantine of ThirtyThree used the tweet channel to reach their verdict this month.  So - succinct comments (never more than 140 characters) on the month's excellent entries:

JayZedBee @tweetaredna Here we go then, Chris. just four on the shortlist, 1 @_Ri5_winner, 140 characters. Doddle.  

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Best crack on then. First up, #Welbeck and a quintessentially English brief for a Development Director.


JayZedBee @tweetaredna Interesting brief, tough owner-in-residence client by the sounds of it. Makes you wonder what other ideas were in the, ahem, frame.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Know what you mean. The art direction feels a bit formulaic and predictable. Gilt mirror, flock wallpaper, rural scene...

JayZedBee @tweetaredna A quintessentially traditional ad then. The job sounds challenging so why not get that across in the design and copy. Show and tell, I say.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Nice use of video on the website.  

JayZedBee @tweetaredna Jolly good. Next up we've got Whodunnit and #BrookesBell.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Ah, an engineering brief. Tricksy. In my experience they don't respond particularly well to ‘creative' work.  

JayZedBee @tweetaredna Hard hats off for getting it through. It's right for its market and audience, even if it does look like a creative housestyle.  

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Is it just me or does it feel like a poor relation of the Army's work? Can't argue with the results though.

JayZedBee @tweetaredna True. To be honest, I'm liking it the more we tweet about it. A grower, not a show-er (?) Hit its brief and delivered the right results.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Ticks all the boxes. Just doesn't tickle them.  

JayZedBee @tweetaredna There's a mental picture I could live without. For us, then, it's a joint second with...

tweetaredna @JayZedBee #G4SEvents and Jobs that rock! That's their exclamation mark by the way.

JayZedBee @tweetaredna A pun and an exclamation mark. *Shudder*.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Once you get over that, it's another campaign that knows its market. Dream gig in many ways.

JayZedBee @tweetaredna Sure, but you can't help thinking what they could have/might have done. Go a bit Guitar Hero-esque interactive with it, maybe.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Like the red and black inflatable guitars and I'm sure lots of people played with ‘em. Even if they didn't know what they were advertising.

JayZedBee @tweetaredna Shame they couldn't have done more with the landing page. Nice bit of BBC3 coverage. For BBC3, that is.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee The Event Safety Marshalls' tent cover is bang on. And it does feel like a properly integrated campaign. With a #QRcode and everything.  

JayZedBee @tweetaredna So, while it doesn't quite rock our world, we like it. Bit like Cold Patrol or Snowplay or...  

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Which shameless segue brings us to our No.1 smash hit: TCS, Elsevier and The Ministry of LD.

JayZedBee @tweetaredna There's a #BigIdea here, out there. Love the teaser campaign and blog site. Authentic, if I can use that word when talking #UFOs.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Nice to see a decent internal comms campaign. The art direction's pitch perfect and it looks great. Compelling and creative.  

JayZedBee @tweetaredna From a words point of view, I'm struggling a bit with ‘L&Dians'. Not sure how I say it. #TongueTwister

tweetaredna @JayZedBee When it gets to the questionnaire part it runs out of creative steam a bit. They haven't boldly gone anywhere with the headlines, have they?

JayZedBee @tweetaredna We love ‘Use the mouse Luke' though. But they do seem to have been plucked from the e-book of ‘Memorable lines from Sci-Fi films'.

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Overall, a well thought-out and well put-together piece of internal comms and a deserved winner beating #AnythingElseOutThere this month.

JayZedBee @tweetaredna Succinctly done, Chris. Right, back to using Twitter for what it's really for #WhatToHaveForLunch

tweetaredna @JayZedBee Easy: Cornish pasty. And one last thing before we go - Who's this #JustinBieber fella?

The June Ri Fiver goes to Penna TCS and client Elsevier, along with our congratulations. Commiserations, to WDAD ((Brookes Bell and Welbeck) and Wave (G4S), and thanks to all for entering.  Thanks to our judges Chris Bennett and Justin Ballantine.  Closing date for the August Ri Fiver will be Tuesday, 31st August 2010 at midnight and judges for the month will be writer Philip Clarke  (CD at WDAD) and the freelance art director, Colin Hood.  Entries please to awards@ri5.co.uk - click here for rules and conditions.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

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Mike Tamlyn Date: Aug 17, 2010

TCS have raised the bar sky high with this one. Fantastic piece of work and congrats to all involved. Just blown away. Top marks.

laura robertson Date: Aug 17, 2010

Chris, no wonder you liked it so much, all the headlines are in caps, seems familiar somehow?!... But right decision. It is a wonderfully imaginative piece of work. Congratulations to all.

Gary Pickles Date: Aug 17, 2010

Interesting to compare this month's winner and a campaign for Staples that was entered way back in February's Ri Fiver... http://www.ri5.co.uk/site/news/article/the-ri-fiver-barclays-brainteasers-scoop-february-award/

Anonymous Date: Aug 17, 2010

True Mr Pickles - there is an abundance of UFOs in creative concepts at the moment ... what with the recent Orange campaign that won in the CIPDs too !!

Andy Rigden Date: Aug 17, 2010

Congratulations on a nicely crafted piece of work. For Laura and everyone else who likes this sort of thing, Staples ‘out there’ campaign appeared in February this year. I think you might enjoy the Big Idea (www.staplesjobs.co.uk), possibly even the teaser campaign (http://twitter.com/TRUTH_TWEETER) and blog site (https://discoveranotherworld.wordpress.com/) In place of a spoof TV spot, Staples chose to develop their own You Tube channel: (http://www.youtube.com/user/2TruthSeekers) Personally, I don’t think you can have too many UFO-inspired campaigns. Good to see another one, erm, out there.

Mark Horley Date: Aug 18, 2010

Lovely piece of work. Congratulations. A really well thought through and neatly executed campaign.

Noel Thomas Date: Aug 20, 2010

Thanks for the great comments folks. Was a great project to work on, made even more so by the infectious excitement of our client at Elsevier. Must also give a nod to www.gallerymedia.co.uk/ who filmed all the LD News clips (and did all the post production).

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