Ri Fiver first: September result a tie

The quality and quantity of entries for the September Ri Fiver was impressive, with a nearly equal split between online and offline work. In the end, our judges could not decide between a press ad and a website. Throwing caution to the wind, and fully aware that this may be a costly precedent, Ri5 has decided against awarding £2.50 each - both winners will receive a full-sized Fiver. Here's how Jonathan Richards, digital and creative services director at Penna, and Russ Hodgson, creative director at design consultancy Point 6, reached their verdict:

"Russ and I go way back to the heady days of Stafford Long, so we pitched up at the Charlotte Blues Bar round the corner that has replaced Jamies on Charlotte Street. Once a favourite haunt of Saatchi and TBWA media luvvies, they now have live bands every night and we'd thoroughly recommend a visit (we're not getting commission for this). As we looked over the entries for this month and took advantage of the free wifi (no really we're not), the Blues didn't seem appropriate for such a healthy mix but it did start to influence our notes.

We woke up this morning, had to judge the Ri5s...

LB Hackney: Social Workers
Given the issues around Baby P, Victoria Climbie and the general fear in Social Services about their work this is certainly giving a clear message about the direction Hackney is trying to take. Creative execution is perhaps something that needs more attention from an art direction/concept viewpoint.

Apt Blues lyric: Girlfriend left me, dog bit me, roof a-leakin', ain't no hope.

Gift Street Fundraising: Employee Referral/Talent Spotting
Gift Street Fundraising does call for an outgoing type of person and so the reward of a DJ course at the Ministry of Sound does fit the audience profile. However, would everyone be incentivised by it? The vinyl record direct mail is a neat idea that will certainly catch the attention. Our issue was around the headline - it doesn't offer anything apart from the prize. It is that old cardinal sin of a headline that tells and doesn't show. Could they have connected talent spotting as an idea here?

Apt Blues lyric: Since my baby left me, it's been raining in my heart

Grant Thornton graduate video
This went on the front of the Grant Thornton website and on YouTube. The acting from the investigative reporter is genuinely amusing. Unfortunately he is not well supported by the Grant Thornton graduate/actor. There's a flaw in the scripting and/or acting where he isn't listening or reacting to how he's being treated - which is left to the end and is far too late. We felt it wouldn't have taken much to push the idea further and make more of the investigative reporting genre. That said, for a cost-effective video that injects humour to a dry subject, they've done a good job and full marks for getting the client to buy it.

Apt Blues lyric: My momma told me I coulda been somebody

Herts Constabulary
Watching someone roll around drunk can be amusing or it can be deeply tragic. In this case, it is tragic but we think they were going for funny. As a viral video we weren't convinced we'd share it with anyone. It outstays its welcome after the first 20 seconds and the call to action is laden with instructions, asking the audience what their reaction would be from multiple choices. A series of shorter videos or showing the reactions of passers-by might have ranked this idea higher.

Apt Blues lyric: Baby, she gone and left me. I wanna get drunk till I'm off of my mind. One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer. (John Lee Hooker)

ONS: Henna

This has many merits. Numbers and stats can be very dry and "Every number tells a story" is a solid concept and starting point for bringing life to them. We just felt that the story could have been given more context. How did this particular statistic really shape how we live or influence policy? The link to attracting a more diverse workforce is tenuous - who is the audience?

Apt Blues lyric: The story in your eyes, it's all about our lies, damned lies and statistics

Leonard Cheshire Disability: Bricks
The Sunday Times creative pledge has created an interesting challenge for creative teams. The visual would have woken up any sleepy executives rising from the covers on a Sunday morning but the headline here didn't offer us any surprises and we couldn't help feeling those bricks could have had more impact.

Apt Blues lyric: They say love is a proposition people... (B.B. King)


National Trust: Head of Digital Media
The National Trust has done a superb job refreshing its image and website. Stately homes and cream teas are replaced with a vibrant, information-led and interactive experience that helps all audiences, young and old, connect with the National Trust. So what, for the love of all that is sacred, does PacMan have to do with it? We get the idea of preserving the old digital past but this is never referred to. You can't play PacMan either. Not that it would help. It offers nothing for the functionality of the microsite, nor connects it to the great work NT has already done. The video does, definitely (although more cutaways to the National Trust's work would have helped give some context of the impact in digital). Having the incumbent Head of Digital Media talk put some meat on why someone should do this job at the NT. So why be shy about showing some of the NT properties the rationale says were so desperate to get their presences online?

Apt Blues lyric: There ain't nothing you can do baby, I got my brand on you (Willie Dixon)

Judging digital and offline media side-by-side is almost impossible. To respect the different budget, skills and approach required by each medium, we've taken the best of both and nominated them our joint winners for the first time in Ri Fiver history. Makes your hairs stand on end doesn't it?

Kingston Hospital: Midwives
Some people may disagree but we felt this, among so many straight pieces of press advertising, stood out in this month's entries as being a worthy winner. The typography leads you to the punchline. They could have not bothered laying out the type to create that journey for the eye. They could have not worried about the reflection of the type on the floor. It would have been so easy to overload the copy with a "nudge, nudge, wink, wink". But they didn't. They cared about it.


George: Graduate
A lot of time (and money?) has gone into this site. It completely reinvents your idea of the George brand as a destination for a fashion career. There's some lovingly created graphics, lush photography and great functionality. We noted the simple menu that is labeled well for the user and doesn't fuss if you just want to register for a job alert. There are nice little touches like the creaking door and the phone ringing off its hook. The video is a little bland given the lush look of the website and we weren't entirely convinced by one of the interviewees claims that she gets a kick out of seeing today's celebs wearing George (Giorgio Armani surely?) But we're niggling here. The player sat well in the website's "set". You could also choose which segment of video you wanted to view. Once you've seen it you'll forgive us for not being able to compare it with all the other non-digital entries this month. A deserving winner, by George.

Apt Blues lyric for this month's worthy winners: The sun shines for you baby, it ain't never gonna rain when you're near me."

Our thanks to Jonathan and Russ, and congratulations to Tribal (Kingston Midwives) and Euro RSCG Riley (George) who are the first joint winners of an Ri Fiver. Commiserations and thanks to everyone else who entered. Closing date for entries for the October Ri Fiver will be midnight on Monday, 2nd November, 2009. Again, two distinguished figures from the creative world have agreed to judge: the freelance writer Richard Marsden, and art director George Barker-Wyatt of ThirtyThree. Entries please to awards@ri5.co.uk - it's free and simple to enter - click here for details.

And finally, a message from our sponsors:
The Institution of Engineering & Technology, Europe's largest engineering body, is proud to be the sponsor of the Ri Fivers and the IET Prize 2009 - recognising true excellence in recruitment communication.

IET Recruitment Media provides online, print and sponsorship talent solutions for recruiters in engineering and technology.

The IET publishes three key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology, IET Student and Young Professional Magazine and IET Engineering & Technology Career Guide along with the IET hosted job board Engineering & Technology Jobs (www.theiet.org/jobs). IET Recruitment Media also offer recruiters sponsorship opportunities for The Young Women Engineer of the Year Award as well as the IET Ambition and Achievement Awards. Contact: +44 (0)1438 767228; recruitadvertising@theiet.org  

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

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Genevieve Tofield Date: Oct 17, 2009

A worthy winner. Well done Euro RSCG Riley!!

stanley Date: Oct 17, 2009

The right ones won, particularly like the Midwives ad - could see that one getting results.

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