Ri Fiver - the last hurrah! of 2007

Christmas was still very much in the air as Ryan Thomas of Barkers and Pete Bayer of aia got together to judge the entries for December’s Ri Fiver competition:

Ryan: Turkey sandwich? Chestnut? Waffer thin mint?
Pete: No way. If I see any more food I think I’ll be sick.
R: I can’t tempt you with a pork pie?
P: Look – let’s forget food and the festivities and look at these fine entries.
R: I won’t mention this muffin-based Roadchef ad then?
P: Good
R: Look they’ve taken the old extreme sports route...
P: Gnarly dude!
R: ...well, it’s a tough brief. Who wants to work in a motorway service station anyway?
P: Rock climbers?
R: Very clever. Well if that were true then these ads certainly deliver. I just have a niggling doubt that although the careers maybe ‘much greater than you imagined’, that being a manager might be a tad more down to earth than these make out.
P: Are they really climbing that muffin?
R: (Silence)
P: As it’s the time of peace a good will to all men (including hoodies), let’s look at the Serco ad.
R: He looks pretty scary
P: Indeed. But I think there’s a good idea here wanting to get out.
R: I don’t want him to get out.
P: Hopefully he won’t. But that’s the problem, ‘hopefully’ sounds a bit like he could. He should definitely not be able escape custody…
R: Good - I don’t want him nicking my Wii.
P: ...and definitely be able to get a job and be put on the road to rehabilitation when he comes out.
R: Well he wants to stop writing on the walls for starters
P: Don’t worry that’s only a bit of photoshop.
R: Look, I think the hoodie’s got out, look at the phone box!
P: It’s not really smashed.
R: But it looks smashed.
P: I know. It’s a clever piece of ambient advertising.
R: Is it?
P: Yes
R: Well that’s cool, it makes me want to join Hertfordshire Police as Special Constable so I can put an end to this kind of senseless vandalism.
P: Does it? I’m impressed.
R: Well, maybe not - but it’s an interesting approach, although the barometer line is a bit confused and the sticker lets it down a bit. Overall I like it and it’s certainly a different way to play on people’s consciences.
P: Well I’m glad you’re taking this seriously.
R: Want to play charades?
P: What?
R: How about turning heads?
P: I see where you’re going with this, do you know how do to play?
R: Nope
P: Well, it’s loads of fun for all the family. All you have to do is match faces against the clock.
R: That’s well weapon!
P: Quite, only I’m not sure what the point is.
R: Sounds like charades then
P: Er, yes
R: Well, it’s a labour of love, but not obvious which uni it's for.
P: Quick! The Great Escape's on. All very what-ho matey!
R: Yes, very British. Brings to mind the intelligence service at GCHQ, what?
P: Brilliant, seamless link! Now we like this, don't we?
R: For sure. Beautifully simple idea. I could have a minor gripe about the copy...
P: Yes, better to elaborate on why the web is the new front line rather than the horrors of war. But a strong message, simply put.
R: This one wins the cheese then.
P: I need a lie down.
R: Madeira?
P: Why not?

Ri5 says thanks to Ryan and Pete for judging. Congratulations go to TMP Worldwide and their client GCHQ who win the December Ri Fiver, and thanks and commiserations to the Bernard Hodes Group, Highpoint and Tribal for coming close, and to everyone else who entered.

The Ri Fivers are sponsored by hotonline.com the UK's largest network of specialist jobsites including hotrecruit.com, thegraduate.co.uk, jobsearch.co.uk, jobsfinancial.com, planetrecruit.com and workthing.com.

To visit the gallery of Ri Fiver winners, click here.

For full rules and regulations click here.

Closing date for the January 2008 Ri Fiver will be Thursday 31 st January at midnight.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

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