Ri Five minutes with: Oliver Sidwell

Ri Five minutes with: Oliver Sidwell


RateMyPlacement.co.uk, set up in 2007 and RateMyApprenticeship.co.uk, set up in 2013, have firmly positioned themselves as review-based job boards to help young people take the first steps in their career.

Since their inception, how have online ratings of employers impacted early talent recruitment? Ri5 spoke with Oliver Sidwell, Co-Founder of RMP Enterprise, to find out.

How do the reviews on RateMyPlacement and RateMyApprenticeship become part of the application process?

Young people can read first-hand what it’s like to work at specific employers and in certain roles, before they apply.

This research often supports the application process, and it also supports the assessment process to ensure young people do their research and can either self-select ‘in’ and continue the application process because it sounds great… or, they self-select ‘out’ of the process.

Either scenario is a hugely positive outcome. Those opting ‘in’ are better educated; researched candidates are more likely to perform well and those ‘opting out’ save themselves and employers time and resources processing applications that were unlikely to work out.

How else can you use the reviews?

The comments provide wonderful quotes and testimonials.


Quotes can be used by employers to market schemes at the top of the funnel, they can be used to help provide insight further down the funnel and are also outstanding impartial, honest and insightful feedback for those running schemes to help them grow and improve future cohorts.

How do you rank Top Employers?

The qualitative content in reviews is brilliant to provide context… but the quantitative data is even better for comparisons.  Who’s the best apprenticeship employer? We aggregate all reviews for each years’ cohort and put them into our secret algorithm, which includes information about employers’ programmes such as the range of programmes on offer and the proportion of reviews in comparison to the scale of the cohort.

Who is the highest ranking undergraduate employer in law? The review ranking enables us to create Top Employers rankings and share the feedback with early careers recruiters who can then shout about it.

How many reviews are now on RateMyPlacement & RateMyApprenticeship?

There have been over 80,000 peer-to-peer reviews submitted across 3,000 early careers employers across both websites.

Two impressive statistics revealed:

  • On RateMyPlacement, 54% of undergraduates return to their employer upon graduation.
  • On RateMyApprenticeship, 98% of young people would recommend their apprenticeship to a friend.

Overall, work experience for both school leavers and university students is a positive experience. Young people are looking to take the first steps in their career and see through traditional advertising, preferring to hear the truth - even if that is from a stranger.

We’re proud to have pioneered reviews in recruitment as they’re very much here to stay. With 98% recommending to a friend, they’ve fast become a very effective method for attracting and retaining the best early talent. 


Thursday, 30 May 2019

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