Ri Five minutes with: Mark MacAlesher

Ri Five minutes with: Mark MacAlesher


After 19 years working at Metro & Evening Standard, Mark MacAlesher made the decision to move to the financial sector. Despite enjoying the challenges of working in new markets for one of the biggest industries globally, when the opportunity came to return to media it was an easy decision for him.

Ri5 caught up with Mark to find out how he is settling into his new role, what Procurious is all about and why the opportunity to return to media was too good to pass up.

Why the Financial sector?

I had an amazing time working at Metro & Evening Standard. I joined Associated Newspapers two weeks before Metro was launched and was part of a great journey. When it came to an end I was fortunate enough to have offers both in and out of media. I wanted to challenge myself and move away from my comfort zone so moved into the Financial sector.

Six months in I was approached about a really exciting opportunity to return to media with Procurious as Global Head of Sales and Marketing. After meeting Tania Seary (founder) and finding out about the vision and goals of the business it was a simple decision.

Tell us about Procurious

Procurious is a global online community that allows procurement and supply chain professionals to connect with each other. It provides relevant content, cutting edge blogs, e-learning, physical and digital events as well as peer to peer networking opportunities. Think LinkedIn for the procurement profession and you are close to what we are all about.

What attracted you to the opportunity?

The variation of the role was a big pull - it really is all encompassing. As a business we want to increase our brand awareness, grow traffic & engagement levels on our platforms, whilst developing new commercial opportunities. I am involved in all of these areas and have the opportunity to use my previous experience within media and also work with a really talented and focussed team which will help me to learn new ways of achieving our goals.

We are developing the tech on our platforms, improving user experience and increasing memberships.

There will also be a job board launch for the end of 2019 / beginning of 2020, specifically for the procurement and supply chain profession. This will have a global reach and be a natural extension to what we currently offer on our platforms. There is a deep understanding of our clients which has helped us to develop this project and we also know that our community are receptive to a job board.

Who are your audience?

Our audience are all connected within the procurement and supply chain profession. We have a broad range of members ranging from those starting their careers through to Global CPO’s of blue-chip companies. They work for a variety of organisations in many different sectors in both the private and public sectors.

The opportunity to work with this demographic was another big factor for me joining www.procurious.com. These people are vital cogs and decision makers within their businesses, not only working with their supply chain and creating value for their businesses, but also connecting so many elements of their companies.

What’s the main differences between working in mass media and specialist media?

Procurious is 5 years old but we still behave like a start-up. I have worked with well established brands in the past and my working environment now is very different. Everything that we do affects the bottom line so there is an element of pressure which really sharpens your decision making. It also makes for a really creative environment to work in and if you have an idea to develop the business it can be a quick process to move it forward.

Ri5 would like to wish Mark all the best in his new endeavour.

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

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lindsey hatten Date: Apr 1, 2019

Good luck Mark! They are lucky to have you!

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