Ri Five minutes with ... Ryan Bridgman

Ri Five minutes with ... Ryan Bridgman


Ryan Bridgman recently joined Jobrapido as Sales Director, UK and Ireland. Ryan spoke with Ri5 about AI and the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

We’ve heard a lot of hype about robots taking over everyone’s jobs.  What’s fact and what’s fiction?

Naturally with any change and especially change around people’s jobs, there is always speculation. The impact that artificial intelligence will have – both positive and negative – is still panning out. It’s an evolving landscape so to say what is fact and fiction right now is getting ahead of ourselves.

That said, logic dictates that AI/robotic process automation (RPA) will take away some jobs and speed up efficiency and productivity for an organisation. This in itself is likely to provide job opportunities elsewhere. Every Industrial Revolution in the history of mankind has created more net jobs.

The likelihood is that AI will focus on more mundane jobs – which could mean that elements of people’s jobs will evolve and become more interesting. At the same time new opportunities for different roles and focus within an organisation are already taking place. Giving the fast growth of the AI industry, some could even consider a new career here and consider learning new skills.

What we are seeing is a very exciting development in the workplace with the integration of artificial intelligence in tandem with human intelligence such as leadership and intuition – something AI can’t replicate.

Throughout history we have always seen change in the workplace. I think it’s about us embracing the developments and realising just how much stronger and effective organisations could become.

You mentioned the Industrial Revolution, but the buzz word seems to be the Fifth Industrial Revolution – what does this mean and specifically for recruiters?

We’re now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution which is largely about the rise of smart technology and the rise of automation and connectivity. I’ve heard it said that it’s the dawn of the Fifth Industrial Revolution which has been described as the rise of Artificial Intelligence. From my perspective, I see it as the integration and the partnership (as this is how I think we should approach it) of AI and human intelligence. It’s about understanding and not fearing the unique attributes AI has such as non-bias, accuracy and data so that recruiters and employers can make even better and informed decisions for their organisations. The Fifth Industrial Revolution actually places MORE weight on the importance of human intelligence than ever before and how these unique human traits, when harnessed in tandem with the accuracy of AI lead to greater outcomes.

We are already seeing the advantages of this partnership – AI allows recruiters the ability to capture far better profile matches when they are seeking the right candidate. The war on talent isn’t going away and AI supports the challenges the industry has been facing for a while. Plus, it means recruiters will have more time freed up from the manual aspects of their job.

I mentioned one of the advantages is that AI provides and acts upon rich data insights. This can only be a huge benefit for recruiters in terms of getting across the right messages which will resonate with candidates and create better engagement between them. It’s important that the industry is able to provide a compelling candidate experience and as far as possible, a personalised ‘journey’ for their job search and ongoing career. That is a big focus for us, at Jobrapido, where we put the jobseeker at the centre of what we do.

How do you see the recruitment tech industry evolving?

With all the talk about AI, it might seem slightly ironic to stress the increasing importance of human intelligence in the industry. Recruiter and Human Resources teams have a fundamentally important role to fulfil and a pivotal role in how organisations can perform. Freed up from the bulk of daily administration, they will be able to fine-tune and meet the talent requirements – who knows, the war on talent, as it may be termed, may even reach a cease-fire!

The increasing adoption of technology across other business areas will continue to be tailored and adapted for the unique requirements of HR teams – HR will certainly not be exempt from benefitting from the significant tech advances that other business areas benefit from.

From our perspective we have focused on developing proprietary solutions based on AI, taxonomy and machine learning to infer job seekers’ interests matching them to the most suitable set of jobs connecting them directly to the recruiters’ recruitment site to help our partners exploit the benefits of the latest technologies.


Thursday, 15 August 2019

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Paul Roper Date: Aug 21, 2019

Looking good Bridge!

Peter Bruce-Smythe Date: Aug 27, 2019

Good work Ryan!

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