Ri Five minutes with … Rebecca Hopwood

Ri Five minutes with … Rebecca Hopwood


UCAS is ever-evolving, so Ri5 met with Rebecca Hopwood, Head of Employer Engagement at UCAS, to hear about their latest developments.

Rebecca, tell us about the changes at UCAS

It’s a bit of a misconception that UCAS is just about university. That might have been true ten, or even five years ago, but as students’ behaviours and options have changed, we’ve adapted to ensure we’re relevant. We know that almost a quarter of those applying to university right now will also be considering higher or degree apprenticeships. That’s a lot of people. They want to know what they can do next – and we’re the perfect place for them to find it.

How does this help employers?

UCAS has just released its most recent stats, showing that 638,030 students have applied to university so far this year – and we know a lot about who these people are, and the choices they’ve made. Understanding what they’re interested in and where they live is invaluable to talent managers and HR professionals because it takes the guesswork out of marketing recruitment activity. And then there’s the added reassurance of being able to reach them when they’re making those decisions.

The first time we actively engage students is usually at an exhibition – over 150k school and college students come through our doors each spring and early summer, desperate for information. We’ve got employers alongside unis at those exhibitions because many organisations can see the audience they’re after is one and the same. And then we keep talking to these students throughout their research and decision-making – and being part of that process is where the real value is.

How can employers find out more?

Visit ucas.com/employers. There are plenty of opportunities to work with UCAS and UCAS Media (the commercial arm of UCAS). It could be getting your vacancies up on our search tool for free, or providing invaluable content to help a student make a decision. Or, it could be using a highly targeted email campaign to recruit for a specific opportunity. 

You can contact the team at UCAS Media on 01242 544 881, or email ucasmedia@ucas.ac.uk to find out more.


Thursday, 25 July 2019

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