Returners to work. What’s a mum, or dad, to do?

Returners to work. What’s a mum, or dad, to do? and are the brainchild (no pun intended) of Cheney Hamilton. Formerly of Mediaforce, Cheney had 15 years’ industry experience before going on maternity leave. Interestingly, Cheney hurried back to work after five months with her first child. Yet when she had her second child, something changed. She wanted to work, absolutely. She wanted it to be taxing. Naturally. However… she wanted her work to work for her and to accommodate her juggling priorities.

But when she came to look at jobsites and tried to find something that suited her needs, she found them lacking. We talked to Cheney about why she set up and and what they’re about.

“As an older mum (I am now 36) I really found it difficult to engage with platforms targeted at mums, both on a social and a job seeking level, as the ones I stumbled across seemed to be targeted to a ‘younger mum’ who had maybe not worked before, or had not risen to a significant level prior to having children. It didn’t feel like I had anything in common with the mums on those sites.

“I thought that I can’t be the only mum out there who has had a career, risen to levels with a decent job title, salary and all the trappings that go with it, and then decided to have kids, only to be forced back to work and into a job or role where our talents are underused, skills untested and brain undernourished? I wanted to remedy that.

“I’ve wanted to do something around recruitment advertising for many years – having worked on lots of different job boards, I never felt that anyone had really ‘nailed it’. I’m not suggesting for a second that I have but, from a personal perspective, I thought they could all have offered more. I set up to help mums get on with the job of being a mum, rather than an out-and-out job board. It’s designed to be sticky and engage with all aspects of a mum’s role – parent friendly business services listings, social pages, mummy blogs, help at home listings and, of course, access to quality roles.”

Whilst they only launched eight weeks ago, the figures are looking promising. They have a 97% female audience: 60% are aged 35-44 and a further 30% are aged 25-34%. And they’ve engaged with over 200k parents in the first 8 weeks across their 5 platforms (FB, Twitter, Linkedin, &

Cheney continued, “We also have some great plans for the site over the next few weeks and months; including a CV Help service, online and one-to-one training, local/regional seminars for those who want a personal touch and extra confidence to take that step back to work, and potentially introducing some kind of recruitment agency service.”

With more parents taking advantage of shared parental leave, there’s certainly a market to address the needs of both men and women returning to work. It seems Cheney has found what works for her. And if her drive, passion and ambition helps others, then that promises to be a good thing. So, whilst it’s early days there’s clearly more to come from these two sites.


Thursday, 6 July 2017

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