Redesign for The Guardian

Redesign for The Guardian


Already 2018 is ringing in the changes, and The Guardian is right up there with the launch of its new-look tabloid-size format. The redesign has been spurred on to deliver a ‘modern paper for the digital age’ and has the reader firmly in mind.

They’re keen to point out, however, that this change in format will have no impact on their world class, award-winning journalism. They continue to take pride in their accurate, balanced and fair reporting, amidst so much fake news.

Of course, a new format for The Guardian means a bit of a shake-up to Guardian Jobs too – where they’ve used it as a timely excuse to make modifications to the jobs website and simplify the rate card.

Hamish Nicklin, Chief revenue officer, said "This week we launched the new Guardian tabloid - the modern paper for the digital age, designed with our readers in mind.  And a change in size doesn’t mean a change in standards. We will continue to offer the world class, award-winning journalism that our readers love and a quality experience for both the reader and the advertiser.

"Amid a sea of fake news, more and more people are turning to us because they know they can trust our reporting to be accurate, balanced and fair. We offer our readers some hope. Newspapers are daily mini-miracles - they start from scratch every day. For less than the price of a half decent birthday card, you get the thoughts and opinions of hundreds of the smartest people in the world. Those thoughts and opinions deliver undivided attention, a vanishingly rare asset in media. And people pay attention to newspapers. Newspapers garner 60% of solus attention, as readers don’t consume any other media at the same time."

Helen Bird, Sales director - Guardian Jobs, said "The Guardian Jobs team are delighted by the launch of the new Guardian tabloid and the changes to the Guardian website. We've also made some changes on the Guardian Jobs website with a clean, new design to reflect the changes. We continue to keep our candidates front of mind with changes that will not only continue to enhance their great experience, but also make it easier than ever for recruiters and brands to reach our quality audience in print and digital."

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

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