Recruitment trends - new report from CV-Library

Recruitment trends - new report from CV-Library


While the majority (72.2%) of organisations plan to increase their recruitment efforts this year, a staggering 83.9% of hiring professionals cite lack of relevant talent as a major issue right now. That’s according to a brand new report from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board.

The report explores data from a survey of 300 hiring professionals in the UK. It sought to understand the recruitment challenges that organisations are currently facing, their priorities for the year ahead and the new technologies that they believe are going to shape the future of the recruitment industry.

Other key challenges include

  • targeting passive candidates (41.3%)
  • a lack of time to search for CVs (24.2%)
  • lack of resource (18.6%)
  • lack of time to spend screening candidates (12.6%)

In addition, over half (54.2%) say that their hiring budgets will stay the same in 2019 and only 50% say their recruitment teams will grow too, despite many planning to increase their hiring efforts.

Lee Biggins, founder and CEO of CV-Library comments: “We know that recruitment teams across the UK are under a lot of pressure right now and our latest research only confirms this further. Not only do companies have to try to fill their vacancies despite there being a distinct lack of candidates, the additional stress of time and budget constraints is only adding to the pressure.

“It’s difficult to know what will happen to the recruitment landscape in 2019, especially following the rejection of the Prime Minister’s EU deal on Tuesday night. With so much uncertainty in the UK right now, organisations have no choice but to sit tight and carry on with their current hiring efforts as usual.”

Other key findings from the report include:

  • Nearly half (55.4%) of employers said their key focus for the year ahead would be building talent pools for the future, while 54.5% will focus on developing their employer brand
  • 87.2% of employers will continue with the same hiring methods in 2019, with 71.5% stating that they’ll use online job boards
  • Recruiters believe that social media will play a major part in recruitment this year (83.3%), while 45.4% said Applicant Tracking Systems

Biggins concludes: “Embracing the technology that not only helps to speed up your recruitment process, but also to improve the candidate experience is extremely important in the current market. As such, working with the right recruitment partners to meet your company’s goals is crucial and can help you to successfully grow your team. Set yourself objectives and clear benchmarks for your hiring efforts that you can measure against and monitor for success.”

Download the report ‘Recruitment trends for 2019’ to find out more.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

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