Recruiting Generation Brexit

Recruiting Generation Brexit


Blackbridge has partnered with Trendence UK to survey 1,675 students and first jobbers to find out how it feels to launch a graduate career in light of Brexit creating a real time of uncertainty.

The survey provides a wealth of data on everything from which sectors are perceived to be most vulnerable to Brexit fallout, to how Brexit might influence behaviour and attitudes in the workplace.

What does Generation Brexit think?

It appears that 18-25 year olds are very worried about Brexit. They think it will make finding a job a harder and lengthier process, and that its effect will last for a long time. 63% of students believed that ‘The Brexit Effect’ would have an impact on their career for three years or more. Students were particularly concerned about the impact on their opportunities to undertake international work, with 68% feeling this would be negatively affected by Brexit.

Yet they are also showing real resilience. There’s lots of flexibility over role location, with 58% of students willing to move over 50 miles for work. The overwhelming majority of those surveyed were also just as likely, or more likely, to be as demanding about their career. Brexit isn’t leading to disengaged employees.

Storytelling and marketing in the age of Brexit

Generation Brexit: a group of people who are braced for a challenging start to their career – but who are also prepared to fight for every opportunity. Early careers marketing needs to give this generation the information, support and belief it needs to do just that. Indeed, the survey shows there’s a real thirst for information, with 78% of graduates feeling it would be very useful for an employer to have content related to its approach to Brexit on its website.

For the full story on the survey findings, go to the Blackbridge site, or contact them directly to find out how they can help you connect with Generation Brexit.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

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