pymetrics levels the playing field

pymetrics levels the playing field


In the last 12 months pymetrics has doubled in size, closed $40m in Series B funding and been named by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer. It’s incredible to think that the company didn’t even have a physical presence in Europe 18 months ago.

Ri5 caught up with some of their London-based EMEA team to find out more.

“We all have the same mission, and that is to debias the hiring process,” explains Global Account Director Sarah Callery. “Hiring is outdated - people make biased hiring decisions which do not predict job performance and the impact to both organisations and candidates is considerable.

“Having worked in the industry for over 20 years I had become quite disheartened by all the noise, vendors saying they were doing something different, but really just packaging up the same thing in a slightly different way.

"There’s a real feeling amongst the team that with its unique combination of neuroscience, big data and audited Machine Learning technology, pymetrics is a game-changer."

“I had previously spent a few years perpetuating biases in recruitment - placing the same profiles in to the same roles” says Account Director Angelo Christodoulou, a former Executive Search professional. “I found pymetrics and immediately saw the good it could do for diversity. Right now some candidates have a clear path to employment whilst others have a mountain to climb to even get interviewed. pymetrics levels the playing field.”

“My background is in graduate attraction,” explains Tom Viggers, Key Account Director for the region. “I always struggled with the fact that compromises are made in attraction to solve for a lack of sophistication at the selection stage – usually at the expense of diversity. Targeted Marketing sounds great but if it leads to massive swathes of people not even seeing the job advert purely because of their circumstances, it’s actually a really insidious thing.

"When I heard what pymetrics was doing for clients like Unilever, Accenture and LinkedIn – empowering them to process massive volumes of applications in a far more fair and thorough way, whilst at the same time reducing time-to-hire by more than 75%, I was astonished.”

Kimberley Kirk-McAuley and Joanna Aboud are both Client Success Managers responsible for the considerable change management involved in implementing the tool at companies across EMEA, so they see first-hand the impact that it makes.

“The thing that excites me the most is that pymetrics brings fairness to a process that has traditionally been so full of bias” says Kimberley.

pymetrics has big plans over the coming year – they’re using that $40m funding to develop a suite of innovations to transform the whole talent lifecycle. But the core product is still enough for Joanna: “The fact that we are able to profile in detail what success looks like in a specific role at a specific company, and then help that company filter for candidates that are most likely to also be successful whilst helping the ones that aren’t find a better match elsewhere, is still something I find amazing.”

Thursday, 15 November 2018

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Craig Liszt Date: Nov 16, 2018

Anything that can help with removing bias from the hiring process and improving diversity should be welcomed.

Tom Viggers Date: Nov 16, 2018

Thanks Craig! If you are interested in finding out more here's how the tool works: