Public sector hiring is looking positive

Public sector hiring is looking positive


Both jobsgopublic and Manpower Group have recently released data that suggest the outlook is looking increasingly bright for the public sector when it comes to vacancies and hiring.

The Manpower Group Employment Survey is based on 2,100 UK employers and it says that – nationally – optimism is riding high with a 6% increase. What’s more, it attributes this increase largely down to the positivity among public sector employers, as hiring intentions are up four points to +2%.

It’s a trend that’s backed by evidence from jobsgopublic, who said “We have definitely seen a boost in vacancy numbers this year. Our numbers for June, July and August are up 4.3% on 2016. There is also an identifiable spike following the General Election, with June figures up 10% on the previous year.”

James Hick, Managing Director ManpowerGroup Solutions said, “June’s general election outcome was seen in part as a rejection of austerity, and it looks like the public sector is powering on, as hiring ramps up.”

However, the ramifications of Brexit are still yet to be truly appreciated. Hick goes on to say, “At the beginning of the year there were 86,000 vacancies in the NHS; the government recently announced that it will train an additional 1,500 doctors a year and create 20,000 new mental health posts. With the health service so heavily dependent on EU nationals these hiring targets are going to be extremely difficult to meet.”


Wednesday, 20 September 2017

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