Press ad wins latest Ri Fiver

We may be well into in the digital age, but press advertising is still capable of packing a punch in the recruitment arena, as the winning entry for the February/March Ri Fiver clearly demonstrates.

Despite the fact that entries were extended over two months, the latest competition couldn’t really be described as a classic in terms of the creativity and originality of every single submission.  But that’s to take nothing at all away from the winning entry and the runners-up, which also gained honourable mentions from our distinguished jury of creatives.

In the event, there was a clear winner again this time round, with PeoplePeople Communications’ press ad targeting security officers for Heathrow gaining a clear majority of the votes cast.  With a rather important event due to take place in the capital this summer, security is currently a very high-profile activity, and PeoplePeople’s eye-catching ad - placed in the London Evening Standard and Metro - neatly encapsulated the proposition in visual terms.

“Simple and effective,” said Ed Collingwood.  “It’s nice to see an ad that’s clearly gone from the layout pad to press with the original idea untouched.”

“Quite simply, this one made me smile,” said Mark Braun.  “It really got across the human interface side of the job (pun not intended).  If you’re one of those poor passengers who have to wind their way around those ridiculous queue lanes, you’d appreciate someone who was patient and polite.”

Phil Woodford saw it as the one entry to take “an interesting or unusual angle”, helping to dramatise the core message, while for Phil Welch, “this nice bit of print media advertising hit the mark.”

Second place went to the Care UK video produced by Blackbridge Communications, while third was shared between Blackbridge’s careers website for the same client and Gradweb’s integrated entry-level campaign for Network Rail and other players in the rail industry.


Ri5 congratulates PeoplePeople on its winning entry (and, following its earlier success in January, its domination of this year’s Fivers to date!).

●  Will there be another name on the trophy next month?  It’s not long to go before the deadline for the next Ri Fiver competition – for April – so please ensure you submit your best work by midnight on Wednesday 2nd May.  As ever, there’s no charge for entering, so you’ve got nothing to lose!  For full details of how to enter, click here.)


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

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Noel Thomas Date: Apr 24, 2012

Personally I liked the Care Uk website. Nice to see a health care website without pictures of smiling, old people in it. Nice job.

Claire Foster Date: Apr 25, 2012

Simplicity at it's best! Good job!

David Connor Date: Apr 27, 2012

'earth' is mud. 'Earth' is a planet.

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