Personalised Video is the secret to onboarding success

Personalised Video is the secret to onboarding success


The rise of digital has created a need for employers to adapt and digitalise their operations to keep up with rapid rate of change. Now, organisations need digital rock stars; who, not only have hands-on experience of digital project delivery, but are also flexible, resilient and confident; traits of a modern digital leader.

As pressure to get ahead in the digital space intensifies and the need for specialist digital skills grows; organisations need to have an onboarding process that exceeds employees’ expectations.

Onboarding can make or break an employee's decision to stay put. In a survey by BambooHR, employees were asked how organisations could change their onboarding process to be more helpful to new hires, 52% said that receiving organised, relevant and well-time content was the most important, followed by onboarding that extended beyond the first week (41%), and having an employee mentor. (31%). 

How then can employers switch-up their onboarding efforts and get new employees excited and ready to do amazing things at the company?

On-demand personalised video - the #1 best kept secret of onboarding. 

Here are ten ways that personalised video platform, vCreate, supports managers and leaders to deliver onboarding that wows!

1. Your employees are special - so show them with a personalised welcome video

Record a short clip with your employees name and information that is pertinent to them, like their start date, where to go on their first day, and who to ask for. Signature Bank of Georgia use vCreate to onboard employees with personal introduction videos as part of their innovative welcome pack.

2. Make a behind-the-scenes video tour

An office tour video helps to get new hires familiar with where they’ll be working; you could even include introductions to key members of staff to make those first day meetings less awkward.

3. Champion digital transformation with video

Have a digital transformation team? Be sure to tell new hires about what you are doing early on. Make it clear that new ideas are welcome and explain who to connect with, and the process for sharing ideas for new ways of working.

4. Communicate company mission and values, creatively

Digital leaders know that death by PowerPoint is not going to convince new starters to stick around; consider bringing current employees into the onboarding process by asking them to showcase through videos how they live by the company’s values.

5. Show your organisation is open to change and improvement

When your onboarding is done, ask employees to register for a vCreate account and record a video clip with feedback for the CEO on the onboarding process. You’ll get some valuable insights that will help you refine your message.

6. Company 101

We’ve all been there - moved to a new company; everything's alien, including the printer, but you don’t want to ask, because everyone knows how to use a printer, right? Sound familiar? How cool would it be if you could find the answer in your digital video library? No trips to IT to report how you’ve inadvertently broken the printer on your first day, hurrah.

7. Extra-curricular activities

Got a lean-in circle going, a weekly squash club after work, or are Fridays, Fish and Chip Fridays? Make sure new hires are kept in the loop with social activities that other employees take for granted. Nominate a social champion to capture these fun moments that help new starters form positive relationships with their colleagues.

8. Online training through video is the future

Video is the most engaging form of communication and it’s much more cost-effective than hiring conference spaces. Why not consider making video tutorials for all of your internal training? This innovative approach demonstrates to new hires that you are investing in the latest technology; and allows you to enhance the training and learning experience.

9. Give your internal newsletter a vCreate makeover

Internal newsletters give new employees the inside track on the inner workings of the company, but they can often be a bit one dimensional. Be bold - supercharge your newsletter with customised video content that is relevant to your new starters.

10.  Go paperless - don’t punish your best talent, they deserve better

Nothing spells out-of-touch more than having to read and sign 50 pages of A4 with a pen! Don’t do this to your employees! How refreshing would it be if all of the need-to-know aspects like pensions, policies and benefits were covered off in a short two minute video, followed by a downloadable one page document that needs your digital signature just once; genius.

For more information about revolutionising your onboarding process with personalised video, get in touch today



Tuesday, 2 May 2017

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