Over the moon, or sick as a parrot?
The Ri Fiver June result

Freelance writer Richard Marsden and Wave creative director Mike Tamlyn bring in their verdict:

"Obvious, depressing or boring. No, silly, not the work: our options for this month's theme. There's the predictably vast shadow of some football tournament or other. There's the looming gloom of Dip II: This Time It's Tory. And there's altogether sunnier territory of all this lovely weather we've been having recenzzzzzzzzzz.

Notwithstanding last month's flirtation with the same theme, we went for the obvious. FIFA schmifa: welcome to the semi-final stages of the 2010 FIVER World Cup.


Just off the podium is the latest offering for Herts Constabulary Specials: a radio script that crams the worst of J*r*my Kyle, QVC and the Discovery Channel into a 40s spot, with a dash of Why Don't You? thrown in for good measure. There are some very funny touches in the first ‘show', but overall, we just think it asks a bit too much of the listener. Hurled into the ambient jumble of commercial radio, is the thread strong enough to hold attention through to the payoff? The mixed media could confuse too: why are people being asked to address their TV-watching habits when they're in a quite separate radio mindset?
Team: Argentina - Promising, with flashes of brilliance, but not quite the sum of its parts.


Next up, the advert that shall henceforth be known only as Quo-gate. Indeed such was the media frenzy generated by this ad that it's not easy to judge its creative merits in isolation. On the plus side, and despite what disingenuous media twerps might claim, its message is immediate and unambiguous. And the art direction is spot-on-super-seventies-tastic, pop pickers. Not ‘alf? Well actually, that's kind of where Quo-gate falls down. It's a chord short of a two-chord classic. If your tongue's this far in your cheek, you've really got to go all-out in the execution. So why are we straight back into bad old recruitment-speak for the copy?
Team: England - Came into the tournament on a tidal wave of hype, but just lacked the creativity and finesse to deliver on the big stage.


The runner-up spot goes to Next for their graduate website. It says here that the brief called for something fresh, clean and relevant to its audience, and this delivers (in spite of some intro music probably better suited to a late-night chatroom ad). It's informative, easy to navigate and there's a good spread of content, including some less-excruciating-than-usual video profiles. On the flipside, the brief also requested a vintage feel, a box seemingly ticked in the first five seconds of the intro and forgotten about thereafter. Not that it would have been an easy task. Vibrant and vintage: how could it conceivably have been both? Well, that's the question Next were asking.
Team: Holland - Solid, reliable, did well to make it this far. Lacked the vintage quality to go all the way.


The (un)official FIVER 2010 World Cup champion offers a refreshingly positive look at fostering, for once centring on the family created rather than the troubled child taken in. The illustrative style is charming and the tale of a typically melodramatic family cinema outing is touchingly homely. Three straplines might make for more false endings than Misery, but that's a small quibble for such a big-hearted ad.
Team: Spain - Slight tendency to over-elaborate, but all in all a worthy winner."

It's a funny old game. The anticipation, the build-up - and then it's over in a flash and there's a four week wait until the next one. The June Ri Fiver goes to Tribal Resourcing and their client, Ealing, along with our congratulations. Commiserations, to SMRS (Next), Bernard Hodes (Herts Constabulary), and Five by Five People (Brighton & Hove CC) who all came close, and thanks to everyone who entered. Closing date for the July competition will be Monday, 2nd August at midnight. Our judges will be Chris Bennett, creative director at the nascent DNA agency in Bristol, and Justin Ballantine. head of copy at ThirtyThree (also in Bristol). Entries please to awards@ri5.co.uk - click here for rules and conditions.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

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