Older workers more likely to embrace gig working

Older workers more likely to embrace gig working


Gig working is more popular among Baby Boomers than any other generation, according to research by Indeed.

Indeed said almost five million Britons are now working in the gig economy – and its data showed that gig jobs are more likely to attract older workers.

Indeed analysed job searching patterns dating back to 2014, and found that Baby Boomers were 22% more likely than Millennials to search for work with gig employers such as Uber, Deliveroo, Just Eat and Hungry House, as all as the freelancer platform Upwork.

Separate research by Oxford University found employer demand for gig workers rose sharply in 2016, with the UK experiencing the fastest increase of any major economy after total levels of gig working in Britain rose by 14% between May and September.

Meanwhile the Indeed data also revealed workers are most likely to look for gig jobs in the autumn, with each of the past three years seeing a post-summer surge in the numbers of people searching for gig jobs.

Mariano Mamertino, EMEA economist at Indeed, said: “The gig economy is small but growing fast, and has now expanded well beyond the archetypal image of the Uber driver or bicycle courier.

“The gig economy uses technology to enable anyone to work flexibly, and is disrupting conventional employment models. It has proved especially popular with people who have lost their job and need to start earning quickly, and among those who have a job but want to earn additional income.

“Baby Boomers who are now in or approaching retirement have valuable skills and experience they can deploy in the workplace, and the desire to keep earning even if they don’t want to work in a conventional office setting.

“Employers in the gig economy could benefit greatly from this pool of experienced talent. Offering gig jobs with in-built flexibility will allow people with valuable skills to continue working, in agile roles that fit around other lifestyle commitments like volunteering and childcare support.”

Thursday, 9 February 2017

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John Hubbard Date: Feb 10, 2017

Yes, probably because most of them have to. Don't present it as if it's some radical new choice. And stop using that ridiculously over-used word 'disrupting'.

Anonymous Date: Feb 13, 2017

Couldn't agree more about the totally preposterous "disrupting"!!!!

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