New ‘First teacher’ campaign for The Department for Education (DfE)

New ‘First teacher’ campaign for The Department for Education (DfE)


If you’re not an avid Coronation Street viewer, you may well have missed the launch of the DfE’s new campaign to attract new teachers.

The rationale behind the creative is to show that teaching isn’t about what people become, but who they become – and that teachers play a fundamental role in shaping the lives of young people. Hence the strapline Every Lesson Shapes a Life (which is being applied to all of the DfE’s teacher recruitment touchpoints including Get Into Teaching website, Train to Teach events, graduate fairs and locally-adaptable assets for schools).

The film follows a young girl called Abi from her first day in school to her last and its aim is to give an authentic portrayal of her journey. Abi is an ordinary girl. Like any child or young adult, she experiences highs and lows. And whilst Abi is portrayed by actresses throughout the stages of her life, the teachers are all real.

As campaigns like this so often are, it’s meant to emotionally pull on those heart-strings. Let’s face it, teachers aren’t in it for the money, stress or hours. They’re in it to make a difference. And with the need greater than ever to attract new talent to the teaching pool, we sincerely hope it does what it’s designed to do.

Chloe Saklow, Deputy Director, Teacher Recruitment and Conversion at the DfE, said, “By focusing on one girl’s story, we wanted to vividly demonstrate the unrivalled and positive human impact teachers have on the many children whose lives they touch. Teaching, like many other careers, isn’t without its challenges, but I can’t think of many others that are as important, or rewarding.”

Jen Black, Managing Partner at Havas London, said “For this campaign, authenticity was key. We wanted to capture the years of care, patience, encouragement and support that teachers invest into the children whose lives they shape. That’s something we could only accurately portray through using real teachers, whose buy-in was so important. They’re unsung heroes, and we’re so proud to be working on a campaign that has the chance to help change lives for the better.”

Thursday, 4 October 2018

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Simon Bracewell Date: Oct 5, 2018

Amazing work from An amazing team ;-) #biased