New clearing campaign for the University of Suffolk


With exam results looming, the University of Suffolk is primed to target the clearing grad market with a new campaign.

The brief (copied verbatim from Suffolk-based video and film production company Bruizer), was to ‘Create a film to be shown in cinemas, on TV and across YouTube to promote clearing at the university. As part of their ‘Unmasked’ campaign, the film was to promote being fearless and to choose the university where you will be treated as an individual, not just one of the flock.’

The film was shot on location at Hush House, located on a former cold war base in Suffolk. Three students currently studying at the university speak directly to camera as they slowly become ‘unmasked’. Light design was a key part of this film as it needed to reflect the narrative as well as have impact on a large cinema screen. The light slowly becomes brighter as the students become fearless and break away from being just another sheep in a flock of students.

The flickering geometric sheep mask was added in post production and gives the film a modern, ‘tech’ feel which will catch the eye of potential students considering going to university.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

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Anonymous Date: Aug 11, 2018

Remove the logo and this could be for any university. (Possibly there's a Suffolk/sheep connection somewhere?) And why shoot it on location? It looks like a stockshot background.

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New clearing campaign for the University of Suffolk
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