New brand image and website for RMP Enterprise

New brand image and website for RMP Enterprise


To celebrate over 10 years in the industry championing early talent, RMP Enterprise has launched a brand new image and website.

Since launching in 2007, RMP Enterprise has gone from strength to strength to help employers attract and engage early talent. Underpinned by student feedback, the innovative company now offers eight digital and face-to-face solutions for employers; from media and on-campus marketing, to software that helps employers track the effectiveness of their attraction activities.

Based in new offices in Brixton, the fresh look for the brand represents another step in their journey to revolutionise the early talent market.

Oliver Sidwell, Co-founder at RMP Enterprise said: "The rebrand has been a really exciting project. We stripped our thoughts back and focused on our strengths of being a peer-to-peer, student-led business. Looking at previous branding made us realise we were too corporate and safe. That's not us and it's not what we stand for. We can still be professional and deliver an outstanding service, but we gave ourselves more freedom with the rebrand. It's bold, interesting, different and most of all... it's more fun. It more reflects our personalities, our products and the 14-24 year old audience we inspire to take the first steps in their career."

Thursday, 28 June 2018

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