mybrink. More than a job board?

mybrink. More than a job board?


The student and graduate recruitment marketplace is well serviced with many established job boards and databases of CVs – so when a new product was launched claiming they’re going to do it differently, we wanted to find out more.

mybrink was set up by Faiza Jami and Jami Saiful, who were frustrated by the graduate career channels and opportunities available to them once they’d graduated. They felt disconnected from the employers they were trying to engage with. And they felt that traditional graduate job boards alone weren’t allowing employers or students to get across what they could offer.

So they set up mybrink. It’s still got lots of traditional online recruitment functionality. Graduates can search and apply for jobs and employers can place job listings, advertise and send targeted emails.

But beyond that, its aim is to create a space where students, graduates and employers can market themselves to each other. Employers can bring their employer brand to life via editorial and sponsorship opportunities, and students can demonstrate their true strengths. The hope being that meaningful connections are made and successful employment is achieved.

mybrink has also provided students with lots of added-value resources and career advice that will help position them in their most employable light.

Having only launched in June 2017, it’s still relatively early days for the team. But we, for one, are going to watch with interest as to how they get on.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

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