Monster survey reveals more than half of UK workers want to quit their jobs

Monster survey reveals more than half of UK workers want to quit their jobs started the new year by surveying 2,000 workers across the UK about their career intentions.

The survey reveals that 52% want to quit their jobs and almost 80% admitted to languishing in a job they want to leave for up to two years.

Reasons for wanting to leave a job include wanting more money, looking for a new challenge, lacking opportunities for progression or simply being bored.

Those who delay leaving cited liking their team, lack of confidence, lack of time or fear they don’t have enough experience.

One third said they would be more likely to leave if application processes where easier and more streamlined, while a quarter want to upload their CV only once and would like to see applying for a job as easy as swiping right on Tinder.

The research also revealed the differences between men’s and women’s reasons for leaving. Women are driven by seeking more flexibility or because of stalled progression. They are also more concerned about the interview process, joining a new team or having the right experience.

Almost a fifth of women cited a lack of confidence versus almost one tenth of men.

12% of men see the time consuming process of applying for a new job as the biggest barrier.

Louise Goodman, Marketing Director at, comments, “Moving jobs is hard. It can be time consuming and working up the confidence to put yourself out there can be tricky. But time should never be the reason you don’t take the plunge to revitalise your career. Apps like Monster Job Search are making applying for jobs easier and quicker than ever before – and you can do it on the go from your mobile. Finding the right job is now as quick and easy as swiping right on a dating app.”

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

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