Milkround: Employer Insight Session

Milkround: Employer Insight Session

On Thursday 4th July, Milkround is hosting the launch of their latest insight on the student and graduate market, sharing the findings of their new Candidate Compass research.

Milkround has partnered with Universum, who is leading in supporting employers through delivering talent market insights. Together, they will be sharing valuable insight on Gen Z, covering topics such as:

  • Student and graduate attitudes on the job market and what they want from a career
  • Barriers to pursuing their dream job, tips for communicating with students and offering advice on how they can overcome these barriers
  • What attracts students and graduates to an employer and what puts them off
  • What they want after joining a company to make them productive and valued employees

Milkround has gained insight into the perceptions of over 7,000 students and graduates on the above topics and more, in their latest research. For 2019, they’ve focused on career confidence, career expectations, mental health, and whether students feel that employers are being diverse in their recruitment processes - including gender contrasts and how this affects their perceptions of the future.

Full details of the events can be viewed here, including details of how to register

Monday, 24 June 2019

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