MI6 launch first on-line recruitment advertisement

MI6 launch first on-line recruitment advertisement


As part of a campaign entitled ‘Secretly, we’re just like you”, Mi6 launched its first ever on-line advertisement on YouTube and Google Display.

This campaign, #secretlywerejustlikeyou, began with their first advert on television in May 2018.  Launching on YouTube and Google Display is the obvious next step for SIS, as they continue reaching out to more people who may never have thought of applying to SIS.

As with the television campaign, the on-line ad aims to dispel the misconception that candidates for SIS roles need to be from a certain type of background or that opportunities are unsuitable for people with families, for example. The campaign line, #Secretlywerejustlikeyou, aims to resonate with the general public and give a better understanding of the role of an Intelligence Officer.

The film is entitled ‘Barbershop Advert’ and has been released on YouTube & Google Display.


Thursday, 24 January 2019

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