Men more confident than women about career success in 2017


According to research carried out by job search engine, Adzuna, around a third of the UK workforce plan to actively secure extra pay AND a promotion in 2017.

The research also highlights that within that group, more men than women are confident of achieving both goals.  40% of men surveyed are counting on a pay rise and a promotion, while just 25% of women are aiming for this double progression.

Carried out in March this year, the study analysed responses from more than 700 active and passive job seekers about their career development plans and what contributes most to their happiness at work.

The study highlights that women are more likely to be content without progression in pay or responsibilities, with more than half declaring no plans to improve their positions this year. Their male counterparts, on the other hand, were far less likely to be content with career stagnation, even for a very short period.

Key findings of the research also concluded that:

  • Workers in the South feel more appreciated and are happier than those in the North
  • Workers in the North East are most motivated by money
  • Men are more willing to work for no pay, with 10% considering a philanthropic lifestyle
  • The East of England and Yorkshire are the only regions where at least half of the workforce plan to quit their job in the event of a lottery win

Doug Monro, co-founder of job search engine Adzuna, commented: “A gender divide seems to be alive and well, according to this study. Although equal numbers of men and women planned to pick up a pay rise this year, far more men than women also hankered after a promotion from their current role. There may be some unrealistic male bravado here, but women also need to raise their expectations (and employers to promote them) if we are to see more equality in senior positions.”

“As well as seeing some interesting trends in which workforce segments would be most inclined to work for free, we asked if employees would quit their careers if they won the lottery. Women were keener than men to ditch their current role if they hit the big time, with 54% harbouring dreams of a life of luxury, while only 41% of men shared the fantasy.”

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

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Men more confident than women about career success in 2017