Loving the New Zealand’s Police’s work

Loving the New Zealand’s Police’s work


With a need to attract more women, Māori, Pacific Islanders, and people from all other ethnicities and backgrounds to better reflect the communities they serve (as well as attract those who are willing to police the Auckland area), the New Zealand Police turned to their ad agency, Ogilvy.

They wanted to focus on targeting 18-24 year olds. The obvious place to reach this group was through social media. So, they wanted to create something that would be shared. To spread the word. To shake things up a bit.

As with any video whose intent is to go viral, it’s very easy to try a bit too hard. And whilst it’s clear from the opening scene that they’re focused on attracting certain groups, it comes across as authentic. As these aren’t actors, they’re real police (from Their Commissioner to one of their newest officers), who are doing a real job.

There’s a marching band, free running, a dog, a cat, dancing (some good, some bad), a tour around parts of Auckland and, to top it all off, some nice little bloopers at the end to reward those who watch to the end. Yet it’s not tokenistic. They use humour and the diversity of the range of careers on offer to strike a balance between messaging and the odd belly laugh.

Good work New Zealand Police.

The two and a half minute video, was released via the New Zealand Police Recruitment Facebook page

Thursday, 22 March 2018

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