Lose-lose. Employers need to shorten the hiring decision-making process.

Lose-lose. Employers need to shorten the hiring decision-making process.


Back in October, we reported on the fact that employers were not putting in the effort when it came to preparing for candidate interviews. And now, thanks to an independent piece of research of 1,000 job seekers commissioned by Robert Half UK, they’re faring poorly when it comes to being decisive post-interview.

It makes for depressing reading to see that 58% of jobseekers accepted a second-choice job offer after waiting too long. What’s more, 55% have waited a month or more to hear back after an interview. Not good when only 11% believes it’s reasonable to wait a month. And 69% lose interest when a hiring decision takes too long.

We’re not tarring all employers with the same brush, but in the war for top talent it feels no one wins when faced with this kind of evidence.

Matt Weston, Director at Robert Half UK said, “Employers are in a fiercely competitive battle to find the right skills and talent to take their businesses forward, and they cannot afford to alienate potential new hires with a long, drawn-out recruitment process,”

“Candidates know that their skills are in demand, which makes it all the more worrying that so many are turning down their dream job because they’ve been left waiting for so long.

“While it can take time to narrow down a large field of candidates and to conduct thorough interviews, companies who fail to adapt their recruitment process to the expectations of today’s candidates will increase the risk of losing out on the best talent available,” continued Weston. “Working with a specialist recruitment consultancy allows businesses to conduct a robust and streamlined recruitment process from initial outreach to final job offer and ensures that they are striking the right balance for today’s candidates.”

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

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