L’Oreal launches virtual reality recruitment experience

L’Oreal launches virtual reality recruitment experience


L'Oréal UK & Ireland has debuted a new Virtual Reality experience as part of its graduate assessment scheme whereby 18,000 hopefuls apply for roles at the company every year. This step is part of an ongoing strategy to create a fully digital and immersive recruitment tool kit to identify key strengths and pinpoint talent with the most compatible values and skillset.

The trial of the technology is just the latest example of L’Oréal’s sector-leading approach to incorporating innovative technology to further improve its cutting-edge recruitment process. From Chatbots to Artificial intelligence, digital technology is already at the heart of L’Oréal’s recruitment programme.

“We anticipate that the Virtual Reality (VR) experience has the potential to offer a vital layer of insight into the candidates’ character and decision-making skills whilst presenting the candidates with an exciting and palpable real-world experience,” said Alex Bennett, Graduate Talent Acquisition Manager L'Oréal UK & Ireland. “At L'Oréal, we believe that we are a perfect match for those hungry to make a big impact and it’s essential that the recruits take responsibility from day one. This new technology will bring that demand to life.”

Paul Gilliam, HR Director L'Oréal UK & Ireland, said: “With innovation at our core, we are thrilled to start using Virtual Reality for our graduate recruits. We wanted to allow the applicants the opportunity to demonstrate their propensity for risk taking and their affinity for our company culture and values.”

L’Oréal joins a handful of UK employers using VR in its recruitment processes, and is the first UK beauty firm to make the investment. The bespoke programme takes candidates on a virtual tour of L’Oréal HQ, exposes them to a meeting scenario and assesses their personality and situational judgement.

Gilliam continued: “We’re seeking a harmonious fit from the start with our recruits and will continue to upgrade our appraisal tool kit to that end. At L'Oréal we value ingenuity and initiative and we’re offering a compelling recruitment experience to match.”

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

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