Looking beyond the CV

Looking beyond the CV


When a hospitality company says it's created a new Resourcing function ‘to anticipate changes in the employment market’, it’s really talking about one thing… Brexit. As an industry, it’s tapped into the invaluable resources that being part of the EU has afforded them. Now they’ve got to think again. To be more proactive.

Enter, Natasha Nagra as Kew Green Hotels newly appointed Talent Resourcing Manager. Combining forces with StartMonday (a company that’s building powerful recruitment tools for the mobile generation) and Cognisess (who strive to help people better understand their talent and potential through affordable software), they’ve set about creating a more candidate-centric, online experience.

First up, the new website aims to educate potential candidates that as an employer they’re open to applications from people with the right mindset and character traits.

Then, it’s about giving candidates the chance to show how they’d fit (rather than tell them in the more traditional CV format). As such, they’ve built an entirely customisable candidate journey – where applicants can upload a 15 second video of themselves to bring their application to life.

Natasha said, “Assessing a candidate in the hospitality industry with a CV seems entirely counterproductive. We can teach an individual the skills required to be successful in our industry, what we can’t teach is the inherent characteristics that make those in our business outstanding. These characteristics can’t be identified on a piece of paper."

They are also using gamification to offer candidates the chance to create a personality profile on themselves; irrespective of the outcome of their application. Natasha said, “Whilst we know that not every candidate isn’t going to be the right fit for Kew Green, we do want to help every candidate to learn more about themselves as part of their application journey. Candidates are investing time in applying to us and we want to give back.”

Ana-Maria Rosu, Customer Success Manager at StartMonday said, “We are so excited to be working with Kew Green to enhance their application process by enabling candidates to show their personality. We’ve worked intensively to make the StartMonday Platform a fast and interactive experience for both Kew Green and their prospective applicants who will help build teams with similar core values."

Chris Butt CEO of Cognisess added, “We are really happy to be working with Kew Green and their People Team – helping candidates find the right job and engaging with employees to better understand their talent and potential. Cognisess is an end to end platform with games, assessments and surveys that objectively measure the attributes that are important to each role. We help to remove the bias from the people process so the focus is on the skills that you have and why they are relevant to your role – and not things like your age, gender, background or ethnicity.” 

As a business that prides itself as an equal opportunities employer, Kew Green Hotels is also pleased that the application process helps to attract a diverse and inclusive workforce, by giving a true representation of life at Kew Green, before candidates even step through the door.

The videos on the website are particularly real. They’re not overly scripted. They allow for personality, but demonstrate the kind of traits someone would need to fit in. There’s also a nice touch with a video message from Natasha Nagra, where she invites candidates to contact her directly with any queries. Not a generic resourcing email – but direct to her or via LinkedIn. And that’s also a very positive message (of course whether she lives to regret it remains to be seen).

This isn’t a campaign about exemplary creative. It’s about connecting with active and passive audiences to challenge perceptions and to give them every chance to put their best self forward (to an industry that might previously have deselected them on paper). And on that level, it works very well indeed.

See www.kewgreen.co.uk/careers/

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

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