Jobsgopublic: recruitment doesn’t take a summer break

Jobsgopublic: recruitment doesn’t take a summer break


Changing trends in how and when people look for jobs are minimising peaks and troughs in seasonal recruitment activity.

Far from taking time out from their job search over the summer months, candidates are taking advantage of ‘always on’ technology to stay in the recruitment loop.

New figures from Jobsgopublic show that traffic to the site was up by 20% year on year last summer, equalling the same high numbers achieved in June and September.

These numbers reflect the major role technology plays in everyday life and how people are keen to always have access to information and be socially active.

This is great news for recruiters who may previously have reduced recruitment activity over the traditional holiday period thinking that the audience just wasn’t there.

Jobsgopublic have produced a list of the reasons more and more people are continuing their job hunt throughout the summer:

Social media – the popularity of the many different platforms also creates a new channel for job hunters who can easily be alerted to opportunities when scrolling through their feed.

Lower costs – the increased availability of free WiFi and reduced roaming charges mean that fewer people switch off on their travels – maintaining a sizeable passive audience throughout the summer.

Always on – whether on the beach or on the sofa, most people are multi-tasking, casually scrolling while watching TV or taking in the view. Passive candidates are open and accessible to your message.

For recruiters, the benefits of a consistent audience are many – it’s no longer necessary to defer recruitment, which may prove costly in terms of inefficiencies and staff morale. 

Other traditional summer-break barriers to recruitment are also reduced:

Availability for interview – while the summer may have traditionally presented problems in terms of candidates not being available for interview, the ability to interview via platforms such as Skype or WhatsApp, mean that interviews can be held anywhere and at any time. 

Happier teams – It may be that, depending on your sector, summer is a busy time and you can’t afford to be working with a reduced team who may be feeling the heat. There’s no reason to delay your recruitment. Summer is a great time to showcase your team’s sunny outlook and give potential hires the best impression of what it’s like to work with you.

Less competition – while Jobsgopublic are reporting the upward swing in traffic, many companies may still be slow to react. Those companies that rightly identify the trend and take advantage of the news will be ahead of the curve – and recruiting in a less busy marketplace where they are more likely to stand out. 

Monday, 31 July 2017

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