Job search tips for executives

Job search tips for executives


Although some people may find out about their new jobs through connections, for most job seekers out there the reality is that a majority of openings are found online these days.

Executives tend to approach job search all wrong, but the following are a couple of good strategies you can use to help you find additional job opportunities, both in person and online.

1. Do searches using new keywords

It is very easy to get into the habit using the same keywords and searching for the same job positions over and over again, especially when you are regularly using to search for job listings. At times, just doing searches using new keywords may be enough to bring up some new opportunities for you. For example, one company might call their job opening "program manager" while a different one might use "program coordinator."

You can also get more results by searching using more specific titles sometimes. So instead of doing searches for "analyst" try to do searches for something like "environmental analyst" or "budget analyst" instead to find positions that align with your background better.

2. Expand your geographical area

Getting a more comprehensive picture of the overall landscape is always a good idea.

One thing you can do to expand your search results is to set your search radius higher on  Although increasing the geographical distance will increase your commute time, it may be worth it for better opportunities. Keep in mind that you might be able to use remote work options, carpooling, or public transportation as well, so don't rule out anything that is a little farther away without first exploring your possibilities. 

3. Find more companies or organisations within your field.

You might already have some companies or organisations in mind that you are you interested in working for, but it's still a good idea to search for other places to get a more comprehensive picture of the overall landscape. is a great place to find new nonprofits. Along with searching for volunteer opportunities, internships, and job, you also can use keywords to search for organizations and filter by location. If a certain organization is not currently hiring, you can still add them to your prospect list and then check for future postings on a regular basis. Also, be sure you get job alerts set up so you will get an email whenever there are new positions posted.

4. Join professional organizations

When you join professional associations that relate to your field it can help you make connections and learn new skills. You will be kept current on the events and workshops taking place in your local area, and allow you to connect with other members.

Associations often host in-person networking events or help to facilitate virtual connections. Attending a few happy hours might not instantly land you a job. However, it might help you make some new contacts within your professional field which can be helpful with future career moves.

5. What you are able to do with the options that are available.

Commuting long distances for work might not be feasible for some people. For example, in a rural area, there might not be any professional associations nearby. Even if you have to work within these types of constraints, you always can search for what is available to take you from a fresh new perspective.

If it appears that your work experience isn't matching up with the open job positions in your local area, it may be time for you to review your transferable skills. Even if you happen to see a listing for a position that is not exactly your dream job, it could still be a good opportunity to gain knowledge within a new sector or industry, meet new people, or learn new skills. At times a job may serve as a stepping stone towards your ideal carer and be a great opportunity for you to grow and learn.

Monday, 1 July 2019

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