January Ri Fiver: Late result

After ending last year with a bang, the Ri Fivers got off to a relatively muted start in January with a modest albeit quietly impressive array of entries.  In the event, just two of them succeeded in sharing all the votes cast by our panel of judges.  And the lion’s share of these went to a video for The LateRooms Group, produced by PeoplePeople Communications.

In the silver medal position was ThirtyThree’s campaign microsite for LV=.  “A lovely little site, clean and well designed,” thought Chris Bennett.  “Nothing there not to like, really.”

But the overwhelming winner for the month of January was PeoplePeople Communications’ YouTube video for The LateRooms Group’s ideas team, also promoted via their Facebook pages and LinkedIn profiles.

“A fun and engaging video which takes a different approach to the IT market,” says Ed Collingwood.  “We’ve all seen Post-it notes used as a visual shorthand for ‘ideas’ a few times before, but there’s a quirky, fresh feel to this which I really enjoyed.”

“A well-constructed and appealing video that understands the world of the IT audience and highlights the differentiators that will motivate them to apply,” adds Jon Dobinson.

Noel Thomas thinks that “a lot of love” has gone into the video.  “Nice to see something different to the generic talking heads most people churn out these days,” he says.

And Phil Woodford also picks up on the entry’s quirkiness.  “Quirky video like this is still fairly unusual as a recruitment tool, which means the client’s been fairly brave to run with it,” he suggests.  “The production values are high, and there’s a clear central message for the target audience to remember.”

So many congratulations to PeoplePeople Communications and The LateRooms Group, commiserations to ThirtyThree for their ‘close but no cigar’ entry, and thanks to all those who entered plus, of course, our panel of judges.

●  Please note: the next Ri Fiver competition will combine the months of February and March, with an entry deadline of midnight on Monday 2nd April.  Make sure you earmark your most creative productions for inclusion!

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

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Steve Szita Date: Mar 2, 2012

Talk about muted - the winning entry has managed the grand total of 815 views (02/03/12 at 9am). I'm underwhelmed. Remember the days when many of the commentators on here talked in glowing terms about the recruitment 'future' and 'potential' of sites like Second Life and MySpace, much in the same way that do about Facebook and Twitter now? They pretend they didn't but they did.

Anonymous Date: Mar 2, 2012

I still think it's better to judge an ad by its creativity and effectiveness, rather than by how many people actually looked at it. After all, you can't tell how many people have read a print ad, but you can tell how many people, and of what quality, have applied as a result.

Anonymous Date: Mar 5, 2012

Good agencies go after the right hits. Not the most hits. Nice work PeoplePeople.

Dixy Date: Mar 6, 2012

Quite nicely done...it rather reminded me of this brilliant, student-made viral that did the rounds a few years back - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpWM0FNPZSs

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