#NAW2018: It’s National Apprenticeship Week… here’s five reasons why they rock


This week, it’s National Apprenticeship Week! So, you’ll see lots more from us about – yes, you’ve guessed it – apprentices. It runs from the 5th to 9th March and is designed to promote all that’s good and great about apprenticeships.

That’s why we’re kickstarting with a piece from Sue Husband, Director of the National Apprenticeship Service, who’s got plenty to say when it comes to the benefits they bring.  Here’s her top five compelling business reasons as to why everyone needs to get on board:

Apprenticeships work for employers large and small

Apprenticeships are the high-quality work-based route into professions that have traditionally been the preserve of graduates. They deliver for a whole range of industries, from advertising to administration and from environmental engineering to the legal sector. Almost nine out of ten apprentice employers tell us that apprenticeships deliver – and apprenticeships are now available in over hundreds of occupations in many industries.

Apprenticeships increase productivity

As well as giving people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to progress in work and life, apprenticeships boost business performance by helping employers develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. 86% of employers said apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation and 78% reported improved productivity

Apprenticeships help grow your own talent

Apprenticeships offer employers a cost-effective way to grow their own talent, in line with their workforce needs. The vast majority of apprentices are committed to their chosen professions too, with 85% of apprentices going into work or further training and over four-fifths in sustained employment. With the introduction of Degree and Higher Apprenticeships, employers can train more of their employees in the high-level skills that are critical for business growth, while offering ambitious school leavers or experienced professionals looking to upskill the opportunity to learn at university, to degree level. We know that apprenticeships are working for employers too, with 84% satisfied with their programme.

Apprentices bring fresh perspectives

Apprentices bring creativity, enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to any organisation. They come with energy and ideas, actively contributing to an organisation’s business development. Satisfaction levels are high – almost 90% of apprentices say they are satisfied with their chosen apprenticeship and over four in five say their career prospects have improved as a result.

Apprenticeships offer world-class standards

Employer Trailblazers are leading the way in developing and implementing new world class standards for apprenticeships in the UK, in a wide variety of occupations from software design, to engineering, financial services and law. Quality is at the heart of apprenticeships which is why last year the government launched the Institute for Apprenticeships, to ensure all apprenticeships deliver the same high-quality training. Employer Trailblazers, a group of employers that have come together to design new apprenticeship standards, so that apprentices can be sure that they are learning the skills that employers need.

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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

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#NAW2018: It’s National Apprenticeship Week… here’s five reasons why they rock