Is accountancy a stressful career?


World Mental Health Day fell on Tuesday 10th October this year. Not surprisingly, many organisations are using it as a platform to publish figures that relate to mental health and raise awareness.

One of the few that’s we’ve noticed is a piece of research by who are keen to bring to our attention how an audience of 1,156 managers, associates, partners, FDs and CFOs feel about stress in the workplace. Part of broader annual report, the top-line stats show that some 37% of all accountancy professionals admitted to suffering from stress¹ on a weekly basis. And some 57% suffer at least once a month, with 15% claiming that it was so severe that they were signed off work.

Others report not quite such adverse, yet nonetheless, waring side-effects. 20% said they’d suffered from low energy. A further 17% reported headaches. 16% reported mood swings. And 13% reported insomnia.  Others reported panic attacks, stomach ulcers, weight gain and binge eating as well as lack of concentration.

Yet 60% suffer in silence, choosing not to report the stress they’re experiencing. For 48% of the sufferers, they revealed that there is simply too much work and not enough hours in the day. More than a quarter (27%) believe it is due to company politics or a boss or line manager that they do not get on with

If you want to know more about how stress manifests for accountants in the workplace, there’s a summary to browse through if you scroll down.

Simon Wright, Operations Director, said, Despite many admitting (and resigned) to the fact that stress is part of their working lives, there is a strong call to action for bosses to make changes to create a better work-life balance for their employees and, in turn, reduce stress levels.

“Many are suffering in silence –fearing it could impact negatively and potentially hinder their chances of a promotion or even result in the loss of their job.  Even when sufferers spoke up, a third of senior management turned a blind eye and did nothing to alleviate the stress. Whilst some companies clearly demonstrated that they care by allowing days off, therapeutic treatments or counselling for their staff, bosses and senior managers need to look at the real causes of the stress epidemic in the workplace.

“Those in the profession are at risk of being burnt out by the daily toll of long hours, working weekends regularly and the majority engaged with work even on holiday.  Everyone needs to be able to have time out to ‘recharge their batteries’.

“Bosses need to create a working culture where there is no stigma attached to stress and, crucially, make sure there are enough employees to manage the workload.


¹stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances

Survey Results Summary



Wednesday, 11 October 2017

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Is accountancy a stressful career?
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