Institute of Student Employers response to Post-18 Education and Funding recommendations

“Further and higher education must work better for students, universities and taxpayers”, the Prime Minister said as she welcomed the publication of an independent review into post-18 education.

Stephen Isherwood, ISE Chief Executive responds to the recommendation:

 “The arrival of these findings will be welcomed by many employers, particularly the recommendation to reintroduce maintenance grants for disadvantaged students. Better funding for students combined with the Office for Students’ focus on graduate outcomes would align policy with our employer members’ efforts to increase the diversity of their student intakes. 

“While the recognition that further education needs greater focus and funding is also welcomed, disincentivising businesses from creating the highly skilled apprenticeships they need at level six and above puts us in danger of recreating a two-tier system. 

“Signs that funding for degree apprenticeships should be curtailed is disappointing and puts their development at risk at a time when employers are just starting to make the most of the levy and realise the benefits. Changing the rules this early makes a mockery of the Government’s position that the levy is employer led. We would like to see employers listened to regarding the qualification levels they need such as keeping the digital degree apprenticeship.”

Thursday, 30 May 2019

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Institute of Student Employers response to Post-18 Education and Funding recommendations