In the spotlight: PeopleScout/AA Experiential Campaign

In the spotlight: PeopleScout/AA Experiential Campaign


Ri5 takes a closer look at the experiential campaign that won the 2019 RAD Award for Events, Experiential and Outdoor

Client:     The AA

Agency:   PeopleScout

The PeopleScout AA Experiential Campaign

Thousands more careers site visitors. Hundreds more applications.  This is the story of how we created a fun, conversation-sparking event that captured the essence of the AA employer brand, raised awareness of their contact centre roles, and helped them make the successful hires they needed.

Solution Highlights

  • Raising awareness of roles
  • Reflecting a fun and friendly culture
  • Boosting social media activity
  • Increasing careers site visitors
  • Record-breaking application figures

Scope & Scale

The AA has two big contact centres in Oldbury (near Birmingham) and Newcastle. With ambitious hiring targets to meet they’d used a range of attraction methods, from job boards and paid social media, to taxi wraps and cinema. They weren’t getting the results they needed, so it was time for something bigger and bolder.


We discussed and planned the objectives carefully with the Talent Attraction team and local stakeholders. We wanted to raise general awareness of the organisation in local audiences and encourage them to spread the word, so we needed a way of reaching a large number of individuals easily, effectively and creatively. The AA also wanted us to showcase their fun and friendly culture, and so our event was a great fit with this.

A brand messaging-aligned event

The ‘Ready for ANYTHING?’ strapline is the central message in all of the AA’s recruitment communications activity, so it made sense to take this message and see just who was Ready for ANYTHING? amongst local audiences.

Fun to take part in.  Fun to watch.

With a big prize on offer to incentivise contestants, the event was built around getting volunteers on stage to take part in a mystery challenge. We built ‘The Random Challenge Generator’ – a big screen flashing through a series of silly, messy tasks. The contestant pushes a big yellow button to stop the screen, which brings up their challenge. We also engaged a celebrity host, to help draw the crowds, engage with the audience, and keep the fun moving. We ran two of these shopping centre-based outdoor events – one in Newcastle, the other in Birmingham.

Promoting the opportunities

Maximising social media activity before, during and after the event, we also live-streamed the challenges. Filming on the day enabled us to create short videos for follow-up content to promote the AA’s contact centre roles. On the event days we gave out flyers encouraging people to get involved and driving to the AA careers site, while digital screen and on-stage announcements also highlighted the AA’s local career opportunities.

“Both events were a massive success and surpassed our expectations in terms of the level of engagement, prior, during & post the events.” Craig Morgans Head of Talent Acquisition, HR Shared Services, Learning & Development


Unprecedented careers site visits

Social media and event build-up activity drove c60,000 careers visits across the weeks of the events.  Typically, 1,500 – 2,000 people visit the AA careers site each day. For the Newcastle event this increased to 5,000 in just one day, with a record high of 7,100 in one day for Birmingham.

Record numbers of applications

The AA saw a huge increase in applications for their contact centre in Oldbury and record breaking figures for Newcastle, with a month-on-month increase of 78% and a corresponding numbers of hires.

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Monday, 4 February 2019

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