In the spotlight: JCB/Basis

In the spotlight: JCB/Basis


JCB and Basis take the "spotlight" to share how they created NexGen ATS:

Client:     JCB

Agency:   Basis

The Brief

Our initial brief for JCB was for an applicant tracking system (ATS). JCB had a legacy Taleo system that did not provide the functionality the organisation needed and was rapidly becoming surplus to requirements. Hence, the need for something that could keep up with the company’s volume and specialist recruitment was sought. Basis were given the opportunity to present NexGen to JCB and through exploratory meetings, we uncovered what was to become a ground-breaking project.

Strengthening JCB’s in-house recruitment need was fast becoming a primary focus and the desire to move the careers page away from the corporate website to its own stand-alone platform, became a much-needed focal point. Improving the full candidate experience, rather than just the application process suddenly became very achievable, and together with Recruitment Business Partner and Project Lead, Jason Gracey and his colleague Alison Desborough, we set to work.

From our years of experience, we are fully appreciative of the impact taking the lead on a career’s website can have on an organisation. JCB had never had a stand-alone careers website, and what they did have was managed by a highly competent marketing and communications team. Being mindful of this was key to ensuring that together, we created something that was candidate centric, whilst at the same time being commercially sound.

We worked alongside the internal marketing team to move the focus away from a careers page that in the past had been typically focused on machinery, to one that instead focused on the heart of JCB; its people. JCB is a family business, growing from just one man with one piece of equipment, to a globally recognised brand. It did this through its people, so we told their story, interviewing and photographing them in stunning locations throughout JCB’s world head quarters

In addition, we wanted to focus on attracting graduates, under graduates, apprentices and those seeking work experience. Thus, an entire section dedicated to the bright young minds that are the future of JCB, was created.

The Results

Since deploying the NexGen ATS, JCB have reported a huge improvement in their recruitment processes. Over 2,500 candidates have successfully applied through the ATS since the system went live in early October.

In addition, the careers website has seen over 20,000 new users visit the site since launch last month, with apprenticeships and graduates making up most of the search traffic. On average, around 500 people visit the site daily and for a good length of time too.

Recruitment Business Partner, Jason Gracey had this to say; “Since we have ‘gone live’ with the fresh new careers pages and ATS we have seen a distinct improvement in engagement from potential candidate’s talent, not only in the careers section but also in the ATS.

The way in which the team have been able to use and understand the functionality of the ATS has been excellent, there are a lot more functions we haven’t yet used but plan to use those into next year, such the assessments and candidate self-service for interviews.

We have increased the number of visitors by 30% and also the time that they are spending in the careers section by 40% - particularly the testimonials pages which bring to life the talent and people that work for JCB and how their career has developed. 

We have piloted the hiring manager access to NexGen platform and this has been received brilliantly with fantastic feedback on the ease of use and also the user interface.”

This is just the very beginning of what we know will be an incredible partnership between Basis and JCB.

We understand that the candidate experience is ever-evolving and should be at the forefront of anyone’s recruitment strategy. Without a great careers website and seamless application process, why would people want to apply for a role with any organisation; whether it’s large or small, a global brand or SME? Making the process an enjoyable, simple and engaging one is a must and we’re delighted at the results JCB have seen as a result.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

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