In the spotlight: Babcock/Blackbridge

In the spotlight: Babcock/Blackbridge


Blackbridge started working with Babcock International in 2017, and their partnership has already won them a coveted FIRM Award for Best Supplier Partnership. Ri5's "spotlight" feature looks at their 'What Makes You' campaign.

Client:   Babcock

Agency: Blackbridge

The Brief

Blackbridge’s partnership with Babcock is built on a 3-year strategy to engage with diverse future talent. Together they’re working towards Babcock being a ‘destination employer’.

When Blackbridge first partnered with Babcock, they came up with the creative and strategy roll out of the ‘What Makes You’ campaign.

Babcock’s graduates were involved in the research, pitch and creative testing – and they had as much input during decision-making as senior stakeholders. They loved the ‘What Makes You’ concept. The creative work was spot on because Blackbridge had more insight into what they’d resonate with.

The three-year strategy:

Year one of the ‘What Makes You’ campaign saw the launch of a new, early talent brand. It puts individuals front and centre, celebrating each graduate’s personality, interests and ‘Being Babcock’ values – a real change from previous, more masculine campaigns.

Year two has been about building the brand to create a buzz, including via social channels.

Year three is about making Babcock a destination employer.

The Results:

An award-winning graduate campaign that appeals to engineering and business graduates in equal measure. It encouraged more female graduates to apply to Babcock and it struck exactly the right balance when it came to being both informative and inspirational.

Together they’ve not only won Best Supplier Partnership at the FIRM Awards, but also been recognised at industry awards for ‘Best Graduate Strategy’ and ‘Best on-going commitment to employer brand’ at other major industry awards.

To date Babcock and Blackbridge have received nine award nominations.

They also jointly presented to the UK’s leading graduate attraction managers at an ISE Graduate Attraction event.

Speaking to Ri5 about their partnership, Keshia Thompson, Account Director, Blackbridge Communications told us: “Being part of the Babcock graduate attraction strategy has been a privilege – they have always been receptive to our ideas and their input has helped us turn our ideas into results. We’re really excited about building on our partnership as we look to make Babcock a destination employer for graduates.”

“Blackbridge have absolutely been a true partner. Day-to-day working has been so easy, from the support they’ve given us in terms of knowledge of the market through to their project management.” – Craig Smith, Head of Learning and Talent, Babcock.



Thursday, 4 April 2019

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