Ho ho… Oh no.


Whether it’s the morning after the night before, or you just fancy a 5-minute break (and a cuppa and a mince pie), here’s a little festive look at what people are saying about…. The. Office. Christmas. Party ...

First up is some useful insights as to how to behave (take heed if you’ve yet to have your party, or bookmark it for next year). Tor-Na-Coille, a hotel in Aberdeenshire, has been hosting Christmas parties for many years. Craig Walker – their Deputy Manager – has seen it all. Here are his top tips as to how survive the party season.

  • Turn up – not turning up is the biggest faux pas of all. Be a team player. And commit (don’t leave immediately after the grub is up… it’ll be noticed).
  • Don’t put your colleagues in the frame – capture the moment by all means, but make sure everyone’s happy with the pics before you splash it all over social media! Best done sober.
  • Be a social butterfly – network and spread the love. Try not to stick to the people you work with all night.
  • Mind your manners – arranging these events is no easy task. Thank those who organised it and paid for it!
  • Don’t drink too much – hmmmmmmm.

Now, if only we could remember that. Sadly, it seems we’re not all capable of doing so. Team Tactics, a boutique corporate events company, released research to show that almost a fifth (19%) of employees have had a severe warning due to their Christmas party behaviour and a tenth (8%) have been sacked. Just less than a third (27%) said they avoided getting drunk at their office Christmas party in case they embarrassed themselves in front of their boss and co-workers.

Sobering stats. But let’s not get too morose… these things happen. And when they do, it’s good to try and see the funny side of things.

TeamSport, the UK’s largest go-karting company, conducted a survey of 1,000 UK workers to look into the best, worst and the simply bizarre ‘calling-in-sick-after-the-Christmas-party’ excuses.

Of those who admitted to calling in sick, a staggering 60% admitted it was because they were simply too hungover. Yet the reasons were very different for men and women. Women didn’t want to attend work the next day as they had embarrassed themselves at the party (12% versus 6% of men), or they had argued with a colleague (10% versus 6% of men). The men, however, felt they needed time to recharge their batteries (23% versus 14% of women) or they didn’t want to face work commitments such as meetings (6% versus 2% of women).

As for the why? Excuses included food poisoning (16%), feeling sick (11%), a sudden case of a stomach bug (5%) and a broken down car (3%).

Other amusing excuses included “I forgot to put the washing machine on, I’ve no clean clothes”; “I won’t be able to make it to the office this morning, I’ve bruised my brain”; “Sorry I can’t come in today. I’ve swallowed a spider” and “I won’t be in the office today; my ears are sore from the music at the party last night.”

And joy of joys, they’ve even broken down the research into the industries that are most guilty for calling in sick! Top of the list was information technology (24%), followed by business, consulting and management (19%), creative arts and design (18%), property and construction (12%) and engineering (12%). Tsk tsk.

And what we all knew – dear readers – is that such pitiful behaviour is not to be tolerated in our industry. Those who battled through were marketing and PR, along with HR and Recruitment – both of whom only reported 3% of employees calling in sick. Go you.

And finally, if you want to spare your blushes, please look away now… the team didn’t stop there. Oh no. They even probed as to which industry also ‘fessed up to intimate liaisons following their big night out. It seems that workers in the property and construction industry are the most promiscuous, with nearly one in three (29%) admitting to getting jiggy with a colleague at the party, and this being the reason they didn’t want to face work the next day. Ding dong merrily on high.

So, there you have it. The office Christmas party. Eat, drink and be merry lovely people. But be aware too. Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

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Ho ho… Oh no.
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