HEINEKEN launches innovative new employer branding campaign

HEINEKEN launches innovative new employer branding campaign


HEINEKEN has launched an innovative new employer branding campaign informed by the real and exciting experiences of employees, to engage and inspire future talent.

Go Places 2.0 features over 30 HEINEKEN employee stories from around the world that showcase the entrepreneurial culture upon which HEINEKEN was built. The collection of films illustrates how with the right mindset, people 'Go Places' physically and professionally during a career at HEINEKEN.

HEINEKEN seeks to employ professionals with a thirst for knowledge and a spirit for adventure. With a curious mind and a broad skill set, these professionals embody the company's core values and culture and what sets it apart from its competitors.

Chris Van Steenbergen, Chief Human Resource Officer at HEINEKEN, commented: "At HEINEKEN we recognise that many professionals today want to experience different challenges, take advantage of various opportunities and experience multiple cultures. With the Go Places 2.0 campaign, HEINEKEN hopes to not only demonstrate the diversity of opportunity available to candidates, but also show the characteristics that drive the organisation forward and continue to make HEINEKEN a great place to work. By showcasing our culture and the desired behavioural characteristics, we hope to maintain HEINEKEN's position as an employer of choice across the world, and in particular within those markets key to the company's growth."

Go Places 2.0 is a continuation of HEINEKEN's Go Places campaign, launched in 2016, which focused on making the online application process personalised, compelling and interactive with the aim of attracting dynamic talent. Take “The Interview”, it’s really very good.

Go Places 2.0 showcases 22 HEINEKEN markets, and a variety of roles, levels and departments within the organisation including Marketing, Sales, Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement, Human Resources, IT and Corporate Affairs. The videos illustrate the type of talent HEINEKEN is looking to recruit, encouraging bold and brave ideas, giving the power to the employee to take their career into their own hands, and have the autonomy to do it.

HEINEKEN markets involved in Go Places 2.0 include: Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, Singapore, Slovakia and the Netherlands. The employer brand campaign will roll-out globally from February 2019, with markets promoting it through a multichannel approach, including earned amplification, paid media partnerships, online and social media engagement, geo-targeting of job sites such as LinkedIn, and promotions at career fairs and events.


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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

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