Head turner wins Ri Fiver for June

Four cracking press ads made the frame for the June Ri Fiver award.  Judges Jon Dobinson of Other Creative and Jim Landen of Bernard Hodes Group give their verdict.  The shortlist is in reverse order:

"Since we've said that some of the copy in this month's entries was a little longer than necessary, we thought we should take our advice and keep this succinct. Of course, it should still probably be shorter. Here are our top four from this month's entries:

4. TfL  

Someone cared about this ad and put their love into the visual, where it shows, though the rest of the ad doesn't feel as though it had quite the same attention.

"It's a well executed piece of visual wit" (I* once heard someone from Wolff Olins use that phrase).  However, I've come across the ring commitment idea before - it was preceded by some speech about ‘if you really loved me...'

2= Gift 


Yes to surreal random giraffe use, which has overcome my dislike of charity muggers.  It's bloody hard to use surrealism without it looking contrived, bolted-on, or just plain rubbish, but the giraffe works.  It would have edged further up the shortlist if the headline had commanded more space and the copy less.

2= E-on

Great photograph.  Well targeted with the right level of humour for the target market.  Made me laugh - and makes a welcome change from wind farms and kids flying kites.  The job titles alone tell most of the story, so again, I'd want to cut some copy.

Winner: RAC 

This is communication without compromises.  Well art directed, immediate, and the idea is followed through to the end of the short body copy.  All the sells are in there without the need for five paras.  A DPS as well.  Almost as rare as a sewer-dwelling giraffe.

*The words ‘I' and ‘my' here refer to whichever of us wrote the relevant sentence.  It varies.

Ri5 sends thanks to all who entered and, of course, to judges Jon Dobinson of Other Creative and Jim Landen of Bernard Hodes Group.  Congratulations to TCS and the RAC, who win the Ri Fiver for June.  Commiserations to TMP Worldwide, WDAD and Work who all came close.

The Ri Fivers are sponsored by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), one of the world's leading professional societies for the engineering and technology community. The IET publishes two key offline recruitment titles - Engineering & Technology and IET Student & Young Professional Magazine - and the website Engineering & Technology Jobs (www.theiet.org/jobs).

Closing date for entries for the June Ri Fiver will be Thursday, 31st July, 2008 at midnight.  Judges will be Martin Flavin of LawtonWare and Mark Horley of Work Communications.

Monday, 30 June 2008

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