Happy birthday to you ...

Happy birthday to you ...


We love a birthday at Ri5. It’s a great reason to hold a party. And time to reflect. We asked SMRS to share how it feels to put so many candles on a cake. Let’s hear what they had to say (they’ve even given us access to their birthday bash). Cheers SMRS! Here’s to 20 more.

Maybe it’s the sense of occasion. Maybe it’s all the party food talking. Whatever the reason, our birthday has made us come over all sentimental. And it’s put us in the mood to remember, recognise and thank all the incredible people who’ve made the last 20 years so special. Starting with...

…our clients

We’ve worked with some wonderful employers and educators during the years, and we’ve done great things. They’ve been brave with us, and joined us in taking risks. They’ve pushed us to be cleverer and better. We’ve pushed them too, in the nicest possible way. We’ve broken new ground together. We’ve won awards together. And we’ve always been incredibly proud of how long many have stayed with us.

Some of our clients have sought us out time and again, no matter where their careers have taken them. They’re true friends of the agency. And their loyalty means the world to us – which is why we don’t, and never will, take it for granted.

Everyone who’s worked, and who works, here

We’ve had some of the best and brightest through our doors in our twenty years. Plenty of them are here right now. Quite a few have been with us for all, or almost all, of the time we’ve been around – happy to stay for reasons like the constant learning, the variety of work, the people, and our fabled 30 days’ holiday. We’ve always been blessed with a diverse, interesting and caring bunch of people. And we’ve been touched by how many who’ve left have come back for a second stint.

Our people have done a lot that they’re proud of. Like creating a website that got translated into five languages. A creative workshop with a mental health charity that still brings a tear to the eye. Work that got a round of applause from a Board of Governors. And so, so many employer brands – every one of which has been truly distinctive and unique.

There’s no question that all the people who’ve worked and grown here have made us who we are. By listening to their thoughts and ideas, we’ve made better decisions. Long may this last.

Talking of our people, here’s what they did (and how fabulous they all looked) at our birthday party.

And our media and supplier partners

This industry is alive with great people, and we’ve worked with loads of them through the years. Our suppliers and media partners have helped us bring our biggest ideas to life and out into the wider world. They’ve been with us every step of the way. And we hope they’ve enjoyed working with us as much as we’ve enjoyed working with them.

This isn’t just an opportunity to thank everyone for the last two decades: it’s also a chance to look ahead. We’re very excited about the future. The pace of change in our industry and markets is huge. The way we capture and tell stories will keep on evolving, but we’ll keep on being as evidence- and insight-led as ever. It’ll present us with new challenges, and new opportunities to do amazing things. And if we can stay agile and keep on working with bright people, brave clients and brilliant partners, our coming years could be the best yet.



Wednesday, 28 March 2018

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