Graduates increasingly required to take part in video interviews

Graduates increasingly required to take part in video interviews


Graduates are increasingly being asked to carry out job interviews by video rather than face to face or over the telephone, meaning many candidates are under pressure to get to grips with the technology and processes involved.

Research from graduate job forum WikiJob highlighted a marked increase during 2014 in the number of discussions among candidates relating to video interviews. It found that major employers including Grant Thornton, Axa, John Lewis, Schroders and Morrisons had all used video interviews.

However, many candidates were unsure how the structure and subjects differ in a video interview compared to face-to-face or phone interviews.

In addition, candidates also expressed concern about the short amount of time they were given to answer questions in video interviews. One WikiJob forum user said: “The interview made me panic because you only have 90 seconds to answer these questions. You have a minute before the question and then 90 seconds to answer.”

According to WikiJob, many large graduate employers, especially those with multinational workforces, are turning to video interviews to save on costs and time. WikiJob pointed to recent US research that found more than 60% of HR managers had used video interviews to screen candidates.

WikiJob also pointed to an increase in automated video interviewing in which candidates are sent questions and are required to respond to them in a specified time period via a web recording, which is sent back to the employer.

James Rice, head of digital marketing at WikiJob, said: “Jobseekers can expect video interviews to become the new norm. For employers it saves time and expense on travel, scheduling or time away from work, and so candidates should familiarise themselves with presenting themselves on a webcam.”

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

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