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Back in June of 2017 Crunch Simply Digital gave us a brief insight into Google for Jobs, and its likely impact on the UK recruitment industry.  Following a soft rollout over the past week, Crunch updates us on developments:

Whittling down jobs for job searchers has just fundamentally changed in the UK. Google has finally launched their anticipated Google for Jobs, launching a soft rollout over the past week. It’s something we’ve all been expecting since June last year when it was hurled into the US job market. 

No advertising consultant knows exactly what a recruitment ad-tech future looks like, but Crunch Simply Digital have a pretty good idea when technology influences fundamental job seeking behaviours.

"It very much feels the time is right for inhouse recruiters to make the most of Google for Jobs. Crunch has been running informative Google for Job webinars for the past six months. Interest has never been so apparent as right now. It very much feels like the recruitment market has woken up to the fact Google for Jobs will fundamentally change the job searchers behaviour" says Richard Purvis, Founder Crunch Simply Digital. 

Crunch has talked long about the ‘active’ and ‘passive’ job market. The active job market has Google ranked high as a valuable tool for the job seeker and recruiter. Now Crunch have summarised Google’s latest product: Google for Jobs.

Digital Consultant, Louis Halton-Davies “We’re confident it’ll come in with a bang when it launches properly in UK and is going to revolutionise recruitment and job seeking. There are steps you can do to make sure you’re ready, including posting your job listings to one of the partner job boards and tagging up all individual job postings with the appropriate mark-up code.”

So, what exactly is Google for Jobs?

It’s a job specific search tool that pulls in jobs from around the web. It allows people to filter very specifically to find the right opportunity for them.

It hit the USA back in June and, despite taking a while to finally make its way to the UK, is set to revolutionise the way people search for jobs. The first thing that jumped out as Crunch were browsing was that the listings weren’t just from job boards, LinkedIn and Facebook. Jobs were linking to the careers sites of individual companies too. Which was very exciting!

Active job seekers use Search

Open Google, and search - when you type a location address into Google, it pulls up a map. When you search for a product, it will often pull in products. As far as is already known, Google for Jobs only indexes job postings that have been marked up with their code. This code appears on the page that every single job posting on Google for Jobs clicks through to. This code breaks out all the necessary information in one place. It is easily digested by Google’s bots and called into the Search Engine Results Pages – ready to cooperate with all the filtering criteria.

Google put the user first

Google’s success has always been down to putting the user first. Google know that the success of Google for Jobs hinges on helping the job seeker find exactly what they’re looking for. If they do this better than anyone else, they become the job search tool that everyone uses.

So, how do we get Google for Job ready?

We know what Google for Jobs is, but what do we have to do in the UK to prepare for it?

Crunch really stress the importance of being prepared; there are more than 6.5 billion searches every day with around 85,000 job searches in the UK every day. In addition to that, 7 out of 10 job searches already start with Google. According to Ignite Visibility, 106% more people click a search result in the top 3 positions than they do on the rest of the first page of Google – that’s where you as a recruiter want to be.

The Google for Jobs Factsheet:

  • More than 6.5billion searches globally every day. 85,000 job searches in the UK every day.
  • 7 out of 10 job searches already start with Google.
  • The process will now be exponentially shorter. People don’t have to click off through to various websites in search of the best opportunity, Google will consolidate them all in one place with apply links.
  • Google for Jobs is a job specific search tool that pulls in jobs from around the web and allows people to filter very specifically to find the right opportunity for them.
  • It’s automatically triggered in google just by adding the word ‘jobs’ to your search.
  • Not everyone has access yet, but we’re expecting an official launch soon (correct as of 10th April)

To get inside information from the feeling with inhouse recruiters, Crunch asked Inhouse Recruitment Network for their views on the change-up. “In an industry constantly embracing tech innovation, Google for Jobs is the next step towards bringing the employer and the candidate closer together. It promises to give in-house recruiters more control when attracting talent, without compromising candidate experience. Its wider benefits can include economic growth, personal career flexibility, and business productivity for many organisations, so it would be exciting to see how it unfolds.” Doris Retfalvi, Head of Content, Inhouse Recruitment Network. 

Moving into the future, whether you’re a small or large size organisation, recruiters need expertise in an ever-increasing array of marketing tools to sustain your digital presence, especially with the imminent arrival of Google for Jobs. Organisations need to be on the mark whether that’s job listings and postings or mark-up codes and search.

Crunch is running Google for Job webinars, register interest for their next webinar


Thursday, 19 April 2018

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Google’s Play for Jobs
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